Why Is Data Crucial to the Clean Energy Transition?

Data is the foundation of the transition to cleaner energy, according to Europe’s smart energy provider organisation ESMIG.  

Speaking during an interview, executive board member Daniela Sellman said the energy transition requires an interoperable system where members jointly share, access and analyse data.  

“We believe [EU data standards] decrease boundaries…as currently [data-sharing] is being done on an individual and country by country basis,” she said. 

As data sharing become key to the energy transition, legislators should do more to support interoperability. 

Sellman noted that a feature of 2019 European legislation, demand side flexibility, was not adopted. This meant that users in Germany could not access their consumption data. 

“The cost-benefit analysis, which ultimately comes down to the costs of deploying the technology, is one way to look at it but to make the energy transition happen means that we also need to look at all the business models we can actually leverage… 

“Yes, we need to look at interoperability and we need to have certain measures in place to scale via the European Union, but we need our legislators to support us in doing it,” she added. 

Supporting the data transition 

Data can provide important insight into the transition to net zero. It can help businesses monitor their energy consumption to reduce emissions and costs. 

How can businesses get started?  

ClearVUE.Business provides real-time data on energy costs, consumption and carbon. Our industry-leading, scalable technology measures emissions in real-time, providing businesses with a detailed analysis of their data. 

Our team of experts then work with you to integrate cleaner energy into your operations. 

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