What does 2024 hold for the energy market?

As we approach the year 2024, questions arise about what the future holds for energy management. With 2023 proved to be the hottest year on record and the use of renewables growing, we also expect the need for energy management to grow.  

Read on to see our predictions for the energy landscape in 2024. 

The Challenge of Global Warming 

Global warming remains a massive challenge that needs urgent attention. As we experience the hottest year on record, it is clear that global warming is not something that can be ignored or pushed aside for future generations to deal with. Experts predict that next year will be even worse, highlighting the urgent need for action and real solutions to combat climate change. 

Despite many businesses and financial institutions making commitments to reach net zero, global temperatures continue to rise. This is due to the prevalence of “greenwashing” and “greenhushing” rather than real, specific plans. 

The Outlook for Energy Management in 2024 

So, what does this mean for energy management in 2024? We believe that there will be a continued push towards renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. We also predict that there will be a focus on energy efficiency and conservation measures, as well as increased investments in clean energy infrastructure. 

Potential challenges and obstacles that may arise include political and economic factors, as well as the resistance from industries heavily reliant on fossil fuels. 

The Importance of Taking Action Now 

2024 will be a critical time for energy management and our efforts to combat global warming. It is essential that businesses, governments, and individuals take action now to make real progress towards a more sustainable future. 

In conclusion, while the outlook for energy management in 2024 may have some challenges, there is also hope and potential for positive change. 

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