UK Strategy on 15% Reduction in Energy Demand by 2030 ‘Unclear’

It is still uncertain how the UK will achieve its ambitious target of reducing energy demand by 15% by 2030, a senior lecturer has indicated.

University of Sussex’ senior lecturer in Politics Francis McGowan published his analysis of the UK government’s group of policy plans related to decarbonisation and energy security.

The policy package, called ‘Powering Up Britain’, addresses energy security and net zero plans.  These plans are outlined in three main documents: net zero actions taken, net zero action plans and plans for energy security.

“While the strategy restates the government’s goal of a 15% reduction in energy demand by 2030, there is very little indication of how this will be achieved. A ‘Great British Insulation Scheme’, announced in the strategy, is so far limited to an additional £1billion to support improvements for 300,000 of the least energy efficient houses,” McGowan said.

“The relative neglect of energy efficiency in the government’s strategy is not new but is seen by many as a lost opportunity in achieving emission reductions, greater energy security and lower fuel bills,” he added.

McGowan also added that many of the proposals have been been flagged up before.

The government presentation of the plan was reconfigured to emphasise energy security, instead of net zero, despite pressure to respond to the US’ programme of incentives to subsidise clean energy development.

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