The Rise of Green Jobs: A 667% Surge in 4 Years

Businesses are actively investing in sustainability as the demand for green jobs experienced a whopping 667% boom in the last four years. 

The growth shows no sign of slowing down. 

A quarterly survey of 1,011 recruitment decision-makers found that over one-fifth of businesses are currently trying to fill green roles, such as sustainability managers, engineers and consultants. Among larger corporations, this figure is 43%. 

The report indicates a changing work landscape, as various job descriptions that were not focused on corporate sustainability now feature terms like climate change, carbon neutral and sustainability. 

“It’s evident that the UK’s low carbon and renewable energy sector will sustain its growth, making sustainability a pivotal aspect for attracting talent,” the researchers said. 

What should businesses do with these figures? 

The results are evidence that sustainability is now becoming embedded in business strategy, as roles that were not previously associated with sustainability start to incorporate it. 

As the green industry booms, businesses that do not incorporate sustainability within their workplace culture will fall behind.  

Attitude shift in the workforce 

It’s not only employers that are looking to find a greener work environment.  

The survey found that sustainability is now a shared expectation among workers of all age groups. The sentiment is strongest among millennials, who said they would actively avoid applying at companies that produce environmentally harmful products. Half of millennial respondents are actively seeking opportunities with sustainable employers. Four in five candidates said that they felt more motivated when associated with a sustainable employer. 

The passion for a sustainable workforce is so strong that one in three businesses admitted to receiving feedback from their staff on their climate initiatives.  

What does this mean for businesses? 

The survey indicates that employees want businesses to demonstrate commitment to sustainability. 

Showcasing sustainability is no longer a tool to simply strengthen brand awareness- it’s a compelling incentive to attract talent to your organisation. 


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