The New Normal: Climate Lawsuits  

With over 2,400 lawsuits globally, climate litigation is emerging as the new movement demanding attention – and legally, a response. 

Unfortunately as it stands, even if climate policies are adhered to, we are still headed for a 2.5 degree increase in global warming. 

This year alone has seen record-breaking heat waves, unprecedented wildfires and catastrophic floods. 

‘’Countries are currently doing the bare minimum… We are just going to keep going on this totally catastrophic trajectory,’’ said Gerry Liston, senior lawyer from GLAN.  

The Sabin Center reports that this is why the public is turning to the courts. The number of new cases is rising every week. 

Catherine Higham, coordinator of the Climate Change Laws of the World project at the London School of Economic, said that climate litigation is an important tool, but ‘’it’s absolutely only one piece of the puzzle’’.  

She added that continued advocacy and diplomatic climate conferences are crucial to change.  

The United Nations COP28 summit will take place in Dubai in December.  

Post-G7 Hiroshima Summit in 2023, world leaders have reaffirmed their solidarity in addressing global challenges: ‘a stabilised Indo-Pacific and an empowered and prosperous Global South’.  

It is undeniable that all eyes are on climate change, both in terms of public engagement and political focus.  

People are increasingly taking individual action; governments have no choice but to prioritise climate change for security and prosperity – businesses must step up also.  

Just like the collective impact of the lawsuits, businesses have an incredible untapped potential for progress, with mass adoption of a strategic approach to sustainability.  

The world is changing. Keep yourself updated.

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