Fokhrul Islam

Chief Executive Officer

Fokhrul Islam is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Procurement Group, Northern Gas and Power and their technology hub – ClearVUE.Business. He is an exceptional leader with an entrepreneurial drive that has enabled him to build a successful global group of companies based on technological innovation, customer support and industry knowledge.

Through developing his own understanding of the corporate energy market, he has consistently grown his customer base to well over 20,000 businesses today. Global Procurement Group currently manages over 30 TWhs of energy, enough to power the country of Ireland for a whole year.

In under a decade, Fokhrul (Fu, to colleagues) has built the company’s foundations based on rigorous compliance standards and world-leading energy management technologies which help customers spot inefficiencies in real-time – cutting costs, consumption and carbon.

Fu’s inspiration is to totally innovate new technology that transforms the way businesses interact with energy. He created an innovative tech start-up, with a fresh approach to energy management: ClearVUE.Business. ClearVUE.Business’ goal is simple – to redefine and digitise the energy sector; to show how technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will change the energy landscape and empower businesses to achieve their Net Zero goals.

In 2020, Fu won LDC’s Britain’s Most Ambitious Leader Award in recognition of his stewardship of Global Procurement Group and his pioneering innovation in the transformation of the business energy landscape, enabling businesses to be far more proactive in the way they cut energy costs and carbon.

Since setting up the business in 2013, Fu has grown operations to 4 countries across 3 continents. The group currently operate in Gateshead, Newcastle and Leeds (UK), Paris and Malta (Europe), and Chennai (India), employing around 800 heads currently, with 1000 projected by the end of the year.

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