Sustainability Made Simple for Gyms & Recreational Facilities: 6 Steps

Gyms and recreational facilities require an extremely large amount of energy to power electrical exercise equipment and provide their services.  

Around 30 per cent of electricity spend alone is for equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. 

Although gyms and recreational centres can be open 24 hours, there are straightforward ways to reduce energy bills overnight, by taking simple steps towards energy efficiency. 

Read on to discover the three critical areas for lowering energy bills in gyms and recreational centres.  


Using off-peak hours strategically 

For facilities with extended hours, energy spend is of course higher. Identifying peak periods is a highly effective way to create an energy strategy.   

Even when machines are on standby mode, they are consuming electricity. Attendance to the facility can be monitored, and only an adequate number of machines to cater for traffic during off-peak hours need to be switched on; the remaining machines can be switched off.  

Fine-tuning gyms temperature settings  

Heating and Cooling accounts for 17% of energy consumed by leisure and recreational facilities. 

When set temperatures are applied to different areas, scores of cost saving opportunities are created. 

The temperature in the hall of an indoor swimming pool, should remain precisely 1°C warmer than the temperature of the water to avoid evaporation from the surface. Educating staff to monitor this and adjust when needed is another way to reduce energy bills.  


Gyms lighting optimisation

Just like with temperature settings, tailoring lighting to their essential function can significantly reduce energy consumption.  

For example, courts, pitches, and other playing areas need strong lighting, while low-energy options for spectator areas are sufficient for providing an optimal experience.  

Occupancy sensors are an excellent tool to cut down on wasted electricity.  

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) last eight times as long as regular light bulbs and use only a quarter of the energy.  

Monitor energy consumption using data  

ClearVUE.Business technology is a tool that is transforming the carbon footprint for thousands of companies – including businesses who need to consume a large volume of energy to perform their core functions.  

The technology provides real-time consumption reporting, taking the guesswork out identifying peak periods and creating an energy strategy.  

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