Sustainability beyond the office: 6 examples from our team

At ClearVUE.Business, we reduce business’ environmental impact by achieving energy efficiency in easy, affordable steps. ...

At ClearVUE.Business, we reduce business’ environmental impact by achieving energy efficiency in easy, affordable steps. 

We do this using ClearVUE.Zero, our ground-breaking software that measures emissions and energy costs in granular detail and in real time.  

We are fortunate to attract employees who share our values and are passionate about our planet. 

We are learning from each other and believe that although confronting the reality of climate change is daunting, any small changes can make a big difference. 

Our team have shared six ways they incorporate sustainability into their routine to lower their environmental impact:  

David Beech
Head of Health & Safety, Facilities and Wellbeing, David Beech, picks up waste from the seabed, while free diving.
I do a lot in my spare time for the environment and mental health. Free diving is the best form of mindfulness and removing waste from the sea at the same time is a win-win. Everyone should get outside and take care of the planet,” he said.
The only thing I will say is that its freezing in the North Sea!”  
Antoine Azzopardi
Senior Software Developer Antoine Azzopardi has reduced his environmental impact by investing in an electric car for his daily commute. He had this to say about his recent purchase:
If you don’t want to clean up, don’t make a mess in the first place. An electric car helps reduce air and noise pollution. Any simple small every day choices add up to make an enormous difference. Passing tap water through a water filter jug saves 2 plastic bottle a day, or almost 700 a year. May be a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made of drops.” 
Fabiola Useche
Sustainability Consultant Fabiola Useche embraces sustainability, by volunteering for Maltese NGO Żibel. The NGO is dedicated to cleaning the coast of the Maltese Islands and restoring the ecosystems, from the seabed to the shore.
As a volunteer, for me it will always be an honour to support this initiative. I help sorting waste that divers, snorkels and SUPs bring to the shore. We classify and weigh the waste collected from the seabed and the surface along different bays all over Malta. The average cleanup collection is around 1.2 tonnes, taking almost 5-7 hours. I enjoy the labour of doing something meaningful for the planet,” she said. 
Manuele Vagnoli
Head of Sustainability Manuele Vagnoli helps businesses reduce their emissions by creating strategies that are measurable and help the business achieve energy security. He also reduces emissions daily by cycling to work.
Riding a bicycle is economical, sustainable, healthy, and overall feels good,” he said.
The morning ride welcomes you to the day and the evening ride closes off your duties. You have time to focus on your surroundings and see things from a different perspective. Keep balance, keep moving,” he added.
Lisa Siche
Sustainability Consultant Lisa Siche also reduces emissions by implementing minor changes in her daily life. She makes sure to reuse fabric bags instead of disposable plastic ones.
I want to swim in a clear sea. I want to breathe fresh air. I want to hike in unspoiled forests. I want to hear the birds. I want to smell the flowers. But if I want these things, I must act now,” she said.
Billions of plastic bags are consumed each year around the world, mostly for single use, and only a small amount is recycled. Two key words: Reuse and Reduce. Fabric bags are a good alternative to plastic bags. We must act individually to mitigate climate change. Small, collective actions make a big difference,” she added. 
Laura Nadine Harron
Sustainability consultant Laura Nadine Harron reduces her environmental impact through several ways. She decided to consume less meat and shop from second-hand stores.
Some of the things we can do to reduce our environmental impact would be adopting more plant-based dietary choices, utilising more sustainable methods of transport in our day-to-day lives, and supporting off-set initiatives when flying, for example. I also always aim to shop in preloved stores, buy non-toxic cleaning products, use reusable bags, and avoid single use packaging where possible. Our consumption patterns will always have impact, but if we aim to reduce the negative impact in ways that we can, at mass scale, this assists market transition,” she said. 

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