Saudi’s Green Initiative Forum to Align with COP28

In a significant move demonstrating its commitment to the global climate agenda, Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) has announced the third edition of the SGI Forum. Scheduled for 4 December, this year’s forum will coincide with COP28 at Expo City, Dubai. This initiative not only highlights Saudi Arabia’s dedication to addressing environmental challenges but also showcases its measurable actions towards a sustainable future.

The SGI Forum has consistently been a platform for monumental climate announcements. Its inaugural event in 2021, held in Riyadh, marked Saudi Arabia’s pledge towards a net zero status by 2060. The subsequent forum, in alignment with COP27 in Egypt, unveiled significant climate action projects. These included the introduction of a circular carbon economy knowledge hub and the foundation of a regional centre in collaboration with UNESCWA to further emissions reduction.

This year’s forum promises to be an influential gathering of global climate leaders, experts, and thinkers. As the world participates in the global stocktake, the SGI Forum 2023 aims to be a pivotal platform, propelling global efforts to address pressing climate challenges.

Launched by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in 2021, the SGI is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s holistic approach towards environmental action. It aligns seamlessly with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aiming for a sustainable future. The initiative addresses pressing environmental concerns, including rising temperatures, infrequent rainfall, and increasing desertification.

SGI’s ambitious plans include planting 10 billion trees nationwide in the forthcoming decades and earmarking 30% of Saudi Arabia’s terrestrial and marine territories as protected areas by 2030. Furthermore, the Kingdom has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030. These national objectives resonate with the broader goals of the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI), which aims to offset 670 million tons of CO2e and plant 50 billion trees regionally.

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