Revealed: UK Corporate Renewable Energy Sourcing Guidelines

The built environment amounts for around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Construction and building operations contribute to approximately 26% of GHG emissions. In light of this, the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched guidelines for professionals to procure energy for commercial buildings and businesses.

The regulations encourage prioritising renewable energy sources, including ensuring that all imported grid electricity aligns perfectly with the Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs) issued by UK generators.

UKGBC has identified three key principles that define good quality renewable electricity procurement including renewable, additionality and time-matched.

The UKGBC also advises stakeholders to seriously consider opting for ‘deep green’ tariff or supply contracts offered by energy suppliers when they import electricity.

In order to improve onsite renewable energy generation and enhance flexibility, the report emphasises the importance of stakeholders assessing the potential advantages of energy storage. This should be done with the aim of reducing onsite electricity consumption, all while taking into account factors like embodied carbon.

The guidance also suggests onsite solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in line with the targets set by the UK Net-Zero Carbon Buildings Standard. It underscores the significance of prioritizing power purchase agreements (PPAs) with newly established or recently revitalized unsubsidised renewable energy generators. Particularly, those owned by companies actively committed to investing in fresh renewable assets, and which have been in operation for less than three years, should be given priority.

UK GBC’s climate action head Yetunde Abdul said: “Our guidance provides industry with the much-needed tools to better understand their procurement options, benchmark the performance of their building’s electricity strategy, and effectively engage with energy suppliers to make more informed decisions.”

Championing Renewable Energy

In a world where climate change is an ever-pressing concern, businesses play a pivotal role in steering us toward a sustainable future.

This report delivers a resounding message: Prioritize renewables.

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