Reducing Your Business Carbon Footprint Through Data Technology

Pledging to achieve net zero is a very important decision for businesses to make. Whether you want to reach this goal by 2050, 2040, 2035, or even sooner, reducing your carbon footprint takes a total organisational commitment. 

The first step in a net zero journey is to discover which activities within your business are responsible for emitting carbon. Capturing hard data on the emissions these activities produce will inform on your impact on the climate and what steps you should take to clean up these activities of their pollution.

How can a business best know its full carbon footprint – or its impact on the climate – and thus do something about it? 

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Assess your carbon footprint through carbon auditing

Pledging to reach net zero, of course, will not see you successfully reach net zero. A credible net zero strategy involves short-, medium-, and long-term objectives – objectives shaped by thoroughly captured and analysed carbon data. When you know where you’re starting on your net zero journey, you will know where you will need to get to.

To ascertain carbon data, businesses should undertake a scope 1 and 2 carbon audit that covers emissions from fossil fuel consumption in fleet vehicles, natural gas-fuelled heating systems, as well as emissions resulting from energy usage. The data gathered here can also be used to fulfil SECR compliance obligations and build targeted carbon reduction strategies.  

Your business’ total impact on the environment cannot be known without knowing how all aspects of your business’ upstream and downstream activities and their carbon emissions. This category – known as your scope 3 emissions –  accounts for all indirect carbon emissions generated by your business. 

Gathering complete scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions data enables your business to build a total carbon reduction strategy. 

Auditing your entire business’ carbon footprint is understandably a daunting task. To help your business undertake this task, it is advisable to seek the assistance of qualified and experienced sustainability and energy management consultants. They will help you thoroughly assess your business’ carbon footprint. 

Capture, monitor, and reduce your carbon footprint through digital technology

When businesses have access to historical data and have the means to capture new data throughout their net zero journey, they will need a system that can present and report this data in an accessible way.

Digital technologies are transforming the way we manage and monitor their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Businesses equipped with energy and carbon management systems have greatly simplified and expedited means to review their energy and carbon data. The faster that these systems can digitise data, the faster businesses can act in accordance to their net zero strategies. Net zero journeys are difficult to navigate without clear and present data to guide businesses.

The ClearVUE.Zero platform stunningly and intuitively visualises your patterns of consumption, while providing you with complete visibility of your carbon emissions. The data processed and rendered by ClearVUE.Zero will underpin your net zero strategy. 


The ability to simultaneously measure, record, compare and evaluate activity across your operations creates a virtuous cycle and allows rapid assessment of your energy and carbon reducing strategies. 

Customisable carbon emissions reports can be generated automatically by the ClearVUE platform, simplifying compliance activities and supporting internal monitoring procedures.

ClearVUE demystifies the net zero journey

If your business is looking to have a full carbon footprint assessment done to initiate or sustain your net zero pledge, contact us. We will organise a demonstration of our ClearVUE.Zero platform and a consultation on our net zero and energy efficiency services. 

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