Prevent Costly Energy Waste With Alerts

A 2020 report found that office buildings in major UK cities lost £60m per year in wasted energy. The report by the Green Alliance’s Tech Task Force highlights that “better use of digital technology is one obvious solution, to save both money and carbon.” 

ClearVUE.Zero, the energy management system that provides you with real-time data and deep analytics into your electricity and gas energy usage, has been updated with an Alerts system. The new feature from ClearVUE.Business equips you with an extra layer of control and feedback for your organisation’s energy consumption performance and usage, helping you prevent costly energy waste.  

Being alerted to issues with energy-consuming assets across your sites is important if you want to keep your energy management plans in place. Even the smallest deviations from your consumption targets can be costly to your bottom line and counterproductive to your carbon reduction goals. 

With Alerts, ClearVUE.Zero becomes an even more powerful and flexible software solution to help businesses save energy costs and achieve their decarbonisation goals.

Alerts lets you create custom alerts notifications for when cost, carbon emissions, and consumption thresholds are exceeded for your business sites’ circuits and gas lines. There are no limits to the number of alerts you can create in ClearVUE.Zero. 

You can set up Alerts to notify key staff members of your business via SMS or e-mail whenever consumption, cost, or emission thresholds are exceeded. All users of your ClearVUE.Zero system can receive alerts via in-browser notifications, too.

We designed the Alert system to not only be a tool to let you know when things go wrong, but also as a tool to help you manage your energy wisely and maintain your energy and carbon reduction targets. 

Here are some other benefits you gain from Alerts in ClearVUE.Zero:

Prevent costly waste

Unnoticed breakdowns or inefficiencies in your energy-consuming assets are costly and indicate that those assets are consuming more energy than normally required. Thanks to ClearVUE.Zero’s live costings engine, you can be notified when assets are running costlier than expected. This will lead to no nasty surprises on your energy bills.


The cost engine in the system is based on your meter-specific contract and is able to show you a full breakdown for supplier, DUOS, government, and transport charges. 

Setting up a costs alert in your system will help you catch overconsuming assets from operating for too long before it costs you too much. 

Proactively address problems in your energy usage

Part of an energy manager’s role in a business is to ensure all assets are running as efficiently as possible. It is advantageous for the business to be able to respond to breakdowns, failures, emergencies, deviations from energy management plans. 

Receiving instant alerts to live issues in your energy portfolio means you can address the issues as quickly as possible. Having the data and knowledge of when and where an issue in your energy has occurred means too that you can fix it straightaway to avoid costly setbacks.

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Monitor the progress of your energy and carbon reduction strategies

Conducting an energy audit will help you identify where and how you can improve your energy usage. You can then set up alerts based on these findings, thus you are using the Alerts feature as a type of benchmarking validation tool to evaluate your performance.

For example, maybe you want to limit the CO2 emissions of a new gas line or cap the power intake of a new machine. Set up these parameters in Alerts as a monitoring tool. You can then review the performance of these energy management strategies by going to the notifications inbox in your system.

Take control of your energy today

Alerts is now available to all businesses using ClearVUE.Zero to monitor and manage their energy consumption trends. To begin using the feature, open the Alerts panel by clicking the alarm clock icon in the left sidebar. 

Not yet using ClearVUE.Zero to help you achieve your energy reduction and net zero goals? Give us a call or request a demo of the energy management software solution on +44(0)3 300 300 200.

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