Preparing for Triad Periods, Net Zero, and Beyond

ClearVUE. PRO plays a pivotal role in how businesses monitor, measure, and manage their business energy. The energy management solution helps businesses reduce carbon emissions, energy waste, and costs, and it is a vital tool that helps businesses maintain their energy management strategies. 

As announced during COP26, UK firms will be forced to show how they will achieve their net zero targets through detailed and publicly disclosed plans by 2023.

ClearVUE helps businesses use their energy smarter through data-driven energy management. The deep levels of data analytics and insights that ClearVUE. PRO delivers helps businesses to chart and achieve their net zero targets. 

Energy management is a process that allows you to effectively manage how much energy you use and how to control, monitor, and conserve as much energy as possible while still being able to meet your demands economically. 

ClearVUE. PRO features two tools that greatly assist you in how you can plan to use your energy in a smarter, more efficient way: red-amber-green (RAG) view and Triad period view. By knowing how to use these tools, you can greatly reduce your energy spend – including what you pay for transmission and other government levies. 

As we have now entered the Triad season in the UK, and as we look ahead to our broader energy future, now is the time to discover how the ClearVUE. PRO energy management solution helps you use your business energy smarter so you can cut consumption and carbon whilst staying economically competitive. 

Scoping your energy consumption during Triads

Energy is more expensive depending on when you use it. If you have a pass-through contract, this means the distribution costs of energy is passed through to the customer. In other words, it is more expensive when the grid is under stress.

The Triad is three* half-hour settlement periods with the highest system demand between November and February. These three periods are, separated by at least ten days. The National Grid uses the Triad to determine TNUoS charges, or Transmission Network Use of System charges, for customers with half-hour metering.

For businesses on flexible (pass-through) contracts, your energy consumption during the Triad periods will determine your TNUoS charges. With winter quickly approaching, the Triad season is soon to begin, and it is an important time for UK businesses to lower transmission costs by reducing demand.

Considering this, it is worth avoiding Triads where possible, as energy use at these times can be costly.

*Ofgem in May 2021 launched a consultation on the Transmission Demand Residual (TDR) part of the Targeted Charging Review (TCR). Since the results of the consultation were expected to be delayed, it was decided that an extra Triad period would be permitted, giving consumers the opportunity to benefit from Triad avoidance over the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Triad periods.

How to see Triad periods in ClearVUE. PRO

ClearVUE. PRO energy analysis grid shows your historical and real-time energy consumption data. The peaks and valleys in the data represent your actual energy usage for each meter and down to individual circuits.

The Triad periods can be made visible on your data analysis by clicking the flag button in the toolbar at the top. 

The three (or four, in the case of 2020-2021, as shown below) Triad periods will appear on your energy data. You will see when the Triad period occurred, and how much power you consumed during those times and what that power consumption cost you. 

Get a closer look at power usage around one Triad period

You can drill down on one Triad period for an in-depth analysis of your power consumption during peak seasons. 

You can do this by zooming closer to one of the triad periods (either by using the wheel on your mouse or the navigation tools in the toolbar). 

Consumption data can be laid over red-amber-green (RAG) zones and the actual Triad periods of your business’ meter(s).

Toggle RAG on (clicking in the toolbar) to see how your power consumption patterns align with low, medium, and high cost zones for your area. You will be able to garner forecasted distribution and supplier charges for your bills. 

Please note that the RAG feature is only available to businesses under certain business energy contract structures. 

Download a virtual bill during Triad periods 

A virtual bill of your power usage during the Triad periods can be downloaded from ClearVUE. PRO. 

With the Triad periods selected, look to the Terminal in the bottom-left corner and click Download this report.

The virtual bill will download onto your computer.

Plan your net zero future with ClearVUE. PRO

ClearVUE plays a pivotal part in how businesses monitor, measure, and manage their business energy to reduce carbon emissions, energy waste, and costs.

Businesses need to get a clear view on where and when they are using energy and when and how they are wasting it so they can take the necessary preventative action. As you prepare for the Triad period and as we together work to secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, the targeting, analysis, and reporting features of ClearVUE. PRO makes the journey to net zero simpler. 

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