Harness The Power Of Big Data & IoT: Accelerate to Net-Zero

ClearVUE’s advanced energy monitoring solution helps businesses cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to improved green credentials, improved customer engagement and improved operational efficiencies.

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How It Works


The Power of Big Data is the Key to Decarbonisation

Your Energy & Power Consumption Simplified

Real-Time Data & Analytics

ClearVUE provides real-time energy data across all your individual equipment within your site. You can delve deep into your energy usage, identify issues, and take immediate actions to cut waste and improve your site's energy performance.

Identify Trends & Ways To Save

Compare your energy consumption against historic periods to visualise how you are using energy across your site. Discover trends that allow you to quantify the impact of your sustainability actions to see if your business is moving in the right direction to achieving Net-Zero.

Secure, Safe and Reliable

Our ClearVUE IoT hardware and cloud-based software use the very latest technology to keep your data secure, meaning your business is always protected. You can access your energy data from any location over the cloud, giving you the peace of mind that it will always be secure.

Your Portal to Improving Energy Performance and Sustainability

ClearVUE. Lite is a first-of-its-kind, cloud-based, low-cost Energy Software as a Service, allowing you to keep track of your energy consumption, view comparisons, and analyse key trends in your data, improving your decarbonisation programmes and supporting a low-carbon future for all.

  • Simple subscription sign-up and instant access to energy data enables quick energy-saving actions that will improve your business performance and ensure you achieve carbon reductions.
  • Cloud-based software with no hardware required, offers deep data analysis, enabling you to identify cost, consumption and carbon savings and prevent waste, on your journey to Net-Zero.
  • Instantly highlight issues across your energy portfolio by setting alerts. You can take immediate action to prevent waste, reduce carbon and costs and  drive forward your sustainability programme.

Greater Insight and Control Allows You To Plan Your Net-Zero Journey

ClearVUE. PRO provides powerful, insightful analytics, allowing businesses to see issues, track and measure improvements and proactively plan their sustainability strategies on the journey to Net-Zero.

  • Real-time cost and billing data, including supplier, grid and government charges, with clear performance metrics, helping you effectively manage your business energy budget and cut costs.
  • Your energy data at any interval down to one-second granularity, giving you instant insight and the opportunity to immediately change behaviours and operations and drive efficiencies.
  • Intuitive reporting features allows easy data export by CSV, JPEG, and PDF. Customisable for your business and colleague requirements, these ease the burden of essential carbon reporting.

Our IoT Hardware Helps You Take Control Of Your Business Energy

ClearVUE IoT Metering hardware operates wirelessly over mobile networks, is low-cost and has a non-intrusive installation process typically taking a day, meaning you don’t need to turn off site supply.

  • Developed from the ground-up by our engineers, our wholly-owned proprietary system does not rely on third parties, ensuring enhancements are seamless and your experience is uninterrupted.
  • Wireless technology streams in real-time directly to the advanced PRO software platform, securely through the cloud, meaning you get the most reliable, insightful information to instantly act upon.
  • We have a full range of modular sensors, able to capture a wide range of data, allowing you to view a variety of factors that impact on energy costs and consumption and help you reduce carbon.

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ClearVUE Systems are a leader in the development of commercial energy management technology, systems and IoT hardware.

We’re on a mission to put businesses in control of how they view, control and use energy to bring about a positive change by using less energy, reducing carbon and improving your business efficiency.

  • 700+ staff and growing - split across 3 continents.
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