Explore how ClearVUE.Zero can help your business on its journey to achieving net zero.

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ClearVUE.Zero is our fast, secure, and powerful energy and carbon management and accounting platform that digitises your energy data across all utilities and site locations globally, down to an asset level. Combining the capabilities of our Energy and Carbon platforms, ClearVUE.Zero gives you a competitive edge by allowing you to harness the power held within your energy consumption data and accelerate towards decarbonisation

ClearVUE.Zero enables real-time, streamlined energy and carbon reporting and monitoring of reduction targets through the accurate measuring of a business’ energy and carbon intensity. Our technology puts you in command of how you reach optimal energy performance, reduce energy expenditures, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Explore how ClearVUE.Zero can help your business on its journey to achieving net zero.


Delivers rich, real-time, and responsive energy data

ClearVUE.Zero processes large amounts of energy and carbon data from multiple circuits and meters, viewable instantly on any web-based device.

Its real-time data-loading capabilities provide powerful analytics without the wait, allowing your business to gain instant access to energy and carbon analysis and insight. This enables you to make quick, data-driven decisions regarding your energy efficiency and carbon reduction objectives.

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energy and carbon data
energy consumption and carbon emissions analysis

Energy and carbon reporting

ClearVUE.Zero generates user-friendly energy and carbon reports that are fully compliant with energy and carbon reporting requirements such as ESOS, SECR, TCFD, and more. ClearVUE.Zero will simplify key energy and carbon parameters into instantly downloadable formats (JPEG, CSV, PDF).

Different types of reports are available, for both power and gas:

  • Consumption report
  • Cost report
  • Comparison report
  • Spreadsheet report
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Provides access to key performance analytics

With ClearVUE.Zero, you can plan your energy and carbon management strategies, reduce your costs, procure more effectively, and deliver on your net zero commitments. The system ensures you have the data you need to ensure you are positioned to benefit from new sustainability legislation.

The easy-to-read interface offers unparalleled depth of analysis, simplifying complicated energy data across machine, circuit, and meter levels so you can target energy consumption and carbon emissions improvements throughout your entire business.

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energy consumption and carbon emissions analysis
energy and carbon data

Centralises energy and carbon data

ClearVUE.Zero provides an intuitive suite of analytical tools help you develop, implement, and execute your energy and carbon reduction strategies as part of your net zero journey.

The platform consolidates and integrates robust energy and carbon data fundamentals that are vital to business decision-making, highlighting the actions required to improve your energy and carbon performance. It offers all users access to the necessary data to perform emissions calculations and eases the burden of annual and periodic energy and carbon reporting requirements, financial planning, or government legislation.

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Visualises your strategy ROI

Thanks to ClearVUE.Zero’s stunning and responsive energy and carbon data tables and graphs, you will be able to pinpoint anomalies and areas of concern from your energy and carbon data. Strengthen your case for sustainability programmes by tracking and annotating segments of data that link sustainability initiatives with energy savings.

With ClearVUE.Zero, you are equipped with insights to help you take immediate action to prevent energy waste, meet net zero pledges, and strengthen your sustainability credentials.

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net zero software

"We've had energy reports in the past, and they looked at the whole company. ClearVUE.Zero allows us to pinpoint down to a shop. If we choose to, we can pinpoint it down to a machine, so it really allows us to look very specifically (at our processes). It gives us actual figures - we don't have to work those out. Graphs and pound-note figures make the difference that allows people to actually take action."


“We weren’t being efficient before (using ClearVUE.Zero). Without something like ClearVUE to monitor our energy use, it’s all just guesswork. And that’s the big benefit: having the data right in front of you and you can try something like ‘if we turn the plant off’ or we ‘isolate this room’ (to save money). You can spend a lot of time on the system and probably make your operations even more efficient. The savings we have made with the system have made it worth (getting ClearVUE.Zero).”

Ice Arena Wales

“We are always looking at new ways to make efficiency savings. Before using the ClearVUE system we found it difficult to gain an understanding of what charges were on the half-hourly electricity meters, how much we were paying and what we could do to make reductions. As a result of the analysis data we are already seeing a return on investment.”

Merton Abbey Primary School

“A significant sum has been saved on our bills by knowing we were overspending on an allowance. We are delighted we could react to this issue.”

MDS Recycling Limited

“The ClearVUE system helped us to realise how helpful it is to be able to monitor energy usage. We can now employ best practices across our global operations, cutting consumption and costs and vitally CO2 too.”

Cambridge Fluid Systems
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Know your emissions

By understanding your business energy’s impact on the global environment, we can guide you towards reducing your carbon footprint to zero.

You can’t manage
what you can’t measure.

30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
Both are possible simultaneously with ClearVUE.Business.

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