ClearVUE.Zero Carbon

Your complete carbon footprint tracking and reduction planning platform.

Your complete carbon footprint tracking and reduction planning platform.

The ClearVUE.Zero Carbon accounting platform grants you the ability to accurately calculate and report on your total carbon footprint – auditing the business’ scopes 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions – through an easy-to-use and powerful data platform.

Your business can completely measure your climate impact and use data-driven insights to take action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions – all in one system. The carbon accounting software vastly reduces the time and complications found when calculating and reporting one’s carbon emissions across their business sites and activities. Users will find it simple to create and categorise together energy-consuming assets for seamless carbon data entry. ClearVUE.Zero Carbon is configured to calculate the emissions of stationary and mobile assets.

Facilitate the success of your net zero strategy through the power of data and analytics from ClearVUE.Zero Carbon.


Measure all emissions

ClearVUE.Zero Carbon accounts for your full carbon footprint, including emissions sourced throughout your supply chain. Through our carbon accounting software, you’ll gain an accurate baseline of your carbon output and identify areas for improvement. Much of the data collection, data entry, emissions calculations processes can be automated to reduce your burden.

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Gain actionable insights

Responsive data fields in ClearVUE.Zero Carbon reveal initiatives you can take to create maximum impact on your environmental strategies. Our ClearVUE.Business sustainability consultants will work with you to create a high-quality, science-based carbon reduction plan to support your organisation’s climate pledges.

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Report your progress

Progress to net zero emissions is driven largely by the will of customers, investors, regulators, and employees who want to see organisations do more for the planet. Report your progress towards net zero to comply with regulations and demonstrate to investors and customers the transformation of your business

You will be able to see the progress being made on your carbon reduction journey with the platform's simple one-click reporting tools. Carbon emissions data is easy to export from the system and will help you meet carbon and energy reporting requirements such as ESOS, SECR, TCFD, GRI, CDP, ESG, and SASB.

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Full carbon footprint accounting by site

ClearVUE.Zero Carbon is your centralised carbon accounting software to calculate and report 100 percent of your carbon emissions produced by your organisations, including your supply chains. The system breaks down emissions data by individual sites of your business while also collating that data to help you, consumers, and investors know your full carbon footprint.

Monitor which of your sites are achieving their carbon reduction milestones with the platform’s League Table. The table lets you rank sites by different metrics, letting you assess which areas of your business are meeting its goals.

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Total carbon emissions and intensity analysis

ClearVUE.Zero Carbon reveals your biggest sources of emissions so you can prioritise high-impact actions. Sort and rank sites and operations by emissions totals to review your company’s progress to net zero. The carbon footprint tracking system also delivers emissions intensity data by job, informing you on the amount of carbon emissions made per unit of production.

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"We've had energy reports in the past, and they looked at the whole company. ClearVUE.Zero allows us to pinpoint down to a shop. If we choose to, we can pinpoint it down to a machine, so it really allows us to look very specifically (at our processes). It gives us actual figures - we don't have to work those out. Graphs and pound-note figures make the difference that allows people to actually take action."


“We weren’t being efficient before (using ClearVUE.Zero). Without something like ClearVUE to monitor our energy use, it’s all just guesswork. And that’s the big benefit: having the data right in front of you and you can try something like ‘if we turn the plant off’ or we ‘isolate this room’ (to save money). You can spend a lot of time on the system and probably make your operations even more efficient. The savings we have made with the system have made it worth (getting ClearVUE.Zero).”

Ice Arena Wales

“We are always looking at new ways to make efficiency savings. Before using the ClearVUE system we found it difficult to gain an understanding of what charges were on the half-hourly electricity meters, how much we were paying and what we could do to make reductions. As a result of the analysis data we are already seeing a return on investment.”

Merton Abbey Primary School

“A significant sum has been saved on our bills by knowing we were overspending on an allowance. We are delighted we could react to this issue.”

MDS Recycling Limited

“The ClearVUE system helped us to realise how helpful it is to be able to monitor energy usage. We can now employ best practices across our global operations, cutting consumption and costs and vitally CO2 too.”

Cambridge Fluid Systems
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