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Advanced solutions that leverage the power of data technology to pave the way for businesses to reach a net zero future.

Accelerate to Net Zero with the Power of Big Data and IoT Technologies

We believe in the power of technology to help us achieve net zero emissions and reduce our collective impact on the environment and climate. It is through this belief that we were motivated to develop the world’s most powerful and intuitive carbon and energy auditing system available on the market.

ClearVUE.Zero is our advanced net zero technology – an energy and carbon management solution that helps businesses cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to reduced climate impact and improved green credentials, customer engagement, and operational efficiencies.

ClearVUE.Business provides advanced IoT-based smart energy meter hardware solutions for businesses. Our next-generation meters are powered by cutting-edge computing over 5G networks with scalable IoT cloud capabilities. This enables advanced data streaming, sending millions of messages that assess the pulse of a business' energy consumption and conditions in real time.

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ClearVUE.Zero Making a clear view of your net zero future.

ClearVUE.Zero is our complete carbon and energy management platform that allows you to harness the power held within your energy consumption data and accelerate towards decarbonisation, improve energy efficiency measures, and meet your energy and carbon reporting requirements.

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ClearVUE.Zero Energy Take command of your energy use to achieve net zero.

The ClearVUE.Zero Energy management system empowers you to take control of how and when you use commercial energy so you can eliminate energy waste and achieve your energy efficiency targets.

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ClearVUE.Zero Carbon Collect, calculate, and report your full business carbon footprint in one system.

Thoroughly calculate and report your business’ carbon footprint through the ClearVUE.Zero Carbon accounting software. The path to net zero is made clearer thanks to the platform’s powerful data entry and analytic features.

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Our IoT Technology

Designed from the ground up for seamless integration between hardware and software.

We have the energy management know-how to integrate hardware and software with cloud-based solutions, providing real-time energy data analysis. You gain instant access to powerful data insights, granting you the capability to take far greater control of their commercial energy assets.

System IoT 8 Meter

  • Our 8-Channel Non-Invasive Smart Meter offers greater monitoring capacity and provides you more insight, allowing you to better control and conserve energy.
  • The IoT energy meter delivers deep analytics offering greater insight, so you can engage proactively with energy-management measures to reduce costs and carbon.
  • Live monitoring with Class-A accuracy of over 30 parameters, at per-second intervals, ensures you have access to highly-granular data, helping you quickly identify carbon reduction and cost-saving measures.
Installing ClearVUE.Zero

ClearVUE.Zero is an energy and carbon accounting and monitoring system that provides live-streaming energy cost and consumption data at a fraction of the price of traditional energy monitoring systems.

The ClearVUE.Zero platform intuitively visualises your patterns of consumption, while providing you with complete visibility of your scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions. The data provided by ClearVUE.Zero will underpin your net zero strategy. By accurately measuring your energy and carbon intensity, real time monitoring of reduction targets and thorough carbon footprint reporting are possible. ClearVUE.Zero's user-friendly interface makes identifying poorly performing sites and operations simple. ClearVUE.Zero eliminates onerous manual data collection procedures, providing a centralised, online, access point for information on all your energy-related and carbon producing activities.

Customisable carbon emissions reports can be generated automatically by the ClearVUE.Zero platform, simplifying compliance activities and supporting internal monitoring procedures. The ability to simultaneously measure, record, compare and evaluate activity across your operations creates a virtuous cycle and allows rapid assessment of your energy and carbon reducing strategies. Without ClearVUE.Zero the path to net zero will be much harder to navigate.

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PHASE 1 Customer site survey and net zero consulting

Our net zero consultant team will work with your sustainability and engineering teams to identify the locations and equipment that will benefit from the granular energy and carbon data provided by ClearVUE.Zero.

PHASE 1.2 ClearVUE.Zero installation

Installation of ClearVUE.Zero does not require any downtime or shutdown of machinery. The hardware is minimally invasive and located on site at each of your business sites.

ClearVUE.Zero requires electrical and data network interfaces with your existing infrastructure. Electrical installation uses split-ring current transformers clamped to each circuit that will be monitored. A voltage reference allows parameters such as kVA, kVAr, and power factor to be recorded down to circuit level with per minute granularity. One ClearVUE.Zero unit can monitor up to eight three-phase supplies. For real-time monitoring each unit requires a network connection and the ability to stream data to the internet. There are two potential methods of achieving this:

1. Utilise the site’s IT network and hardwire the monitoring devices to the site network via ethernet cable.

2. Modems with a mobile broadband SIM card to transmit the data wirelessly to the internet (signal allowing).

Installation at a single site typically takes less than 1 day to complete.

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PHASE 1.3 Commissioning and Training

Once installed, we ensure that all functionality, including reporting tools and data feeds are working properly. Video-based training and online technical support on ClearVUE.Zero is provided as standard.

"We've had energy reports in the past, and they looked at the whole company. ClearVUE.Zero allows us to pinpoint down to a shop. If we choose to, we can pinpoint it down to a machine, so it really allows us to look very specifically (at our processes). It gives us actual figures - we don't have to work those out. Graphs and pound-note figures make the difference that allows people to actually take action."


“We weren’t being efficient before (using ClearVUE.Zero). Without something like ClearVUE to monitor our energy use, it’s all just guesswork. And that’s the big benefit: having the data right in front of you and you can try something like ‘if we turn the plant off’ or we ‘isolate this room’ (to save money). You can spend a lot of time on the system and probably make your operations even more efficient. The savings we have made with the system have made it worth (getting ClearVUE.Zero).”

Ice Arena Wales

“We are always looking at new ways to make efficiency savings. Before using the ClearVUE system we found it difficult to gain an understanding of what charges were on the half-hourly electricity meters, how much we were paying and what we could do to make reductions. As a result of the analysis data we are already seeing a return on investment.”

Merton Abbey Primary School

“A significant sum has been saved on our bills by knowing we were overspending on an allowance. We are delighted we could react to this issue.”

MDS Recycling Limited

“The ClearVUE system helped us to realise how helpful it is to be able to monitor energy usage. We can now employ best practices across our global operations, cutting consumption and costs and vitally CO2 too.”

Cambridge Fluid Systems
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30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
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