Getting to know your business and how we can support you on your net zero journey.


Defining your business' climate impact

We assess all information related to your company’s current energy and carbon policies within its present ESG reporting structure.


Our consultants review the current state of your company’s energy and carbon footprint and strategies to determine your recent progress toward achieving net zero carbon emissions. This procedure includes assessments of how the size, scale, and nature of activities of your business contribute to climate change.


We look at the current and future energy and carbon reporting requirements for your sector. Your present approach to assessing climate risk will also be investigated. This includes understanding the importance of relevant consumer behaviour and opinions, employee behaviours, and sector-specific and physical environmental risks.


We review the status and depth of any current corporate environmental policies within your business. In addition, we identify the key stakeholders who are responsible for implementation of your company ESG policy and strategy and evaluate your different reporting procedures, including the presence of sufficient board oversight.


Through this process, we will establish your business requirements for developing a net zero plan as well as highlight any gaps in your current environmental and sustainability policy and strategy. We then produce a report and grade the level of your current business sustainability strategies.

STAGE 1.2 Assessment of your energy and carbon policies

In order to thoroughly assess your current energy and carbon policies, we aim to:


Understand your key drivers for achieving net zero carbon emissions.


Gather current and future energy and carbon reporting requirements and sector-specific regulations.


Establish organisation and operational boundaries (e.g. operational responsibility for subsidiary and joint ventures).


Contextualise your business’ contribution to climate change:


Identify how your business currently assesses climate change risks:


Highlight your business’ environmental strategies and policies, if any.


Identify your key stakeholders, if any, responsible for sustainability and ESG policies in your business.


Identify base year for carbon and energy baselines.


Designate our primary point of contact within your organisation.

carbon and energy data analysis
carbon footprint audit
STAGE 2 Baselining

Establishing a baseline for your carbon emissions within the boundaries of your operations.

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Our breakdown of key moments and highlights in the ESG, climate compliance and sustainability reporting space.

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