Oil and Gas Industries Turn to Tech to Reduce Emissions

Digitalisation across the oil and gas industry is growing, according to the 2023 Offshore Energy...

Digitalisation across the oil and gas industry is growing, according to the 2023 Offshore Energy Digital and Data Maturity Survey. 

The report by the Offshore Energy Digital Strategy Group (OEDGSG) looks at how organisations are applying data and digital technologies to reach net zero targets in the UK. 

More than thirty oil, gas and renewable energy companies, as well as technology developers and supply chain businesses supporting offshore energy, participated in the study. 

The study found that increasing collaboration with tech providers could allow organisations to unlock the full potential of data and digital tech, leading to them play a key role in accelerating the UK’s shift to net zero.  

The study cites evidence of progress within organisations adopting data-related technologies including cloud platforms and data visualisation tools. 

It also highlights the lack of access to digital and data skills as a key risk to the delivery of digital and data strategies.  

Recommendations based on this study included: increasing efforts for collaboration between parties, including between operators of every sector and fostering a culture which equips staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to reach net zero. 

Future-proof your business 

More and more businesses are turning to tech to reach net zero. This is because tech provides crucial data on how to reduce emissions, taking the guesswork out of creating an action plan to address your climate impact. 

Businesses who do not use data to their advantage risk falling behind in the race to net zero. 

At ClearVUE.Business, we have taken the lead by creating an innovative, industry-leading digital platform that measures your emissions in granular detail. Our scalable solution provides automatic reporting and presents reports on the data collected in actionable steps. 

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