Nearly half of higher income workers would switch jobs for a more sustainable company – Deloitte

Nearly half of higher income survey respondents said they would consider switching jobs to work for a sustainable company, research from Deloitte found. 

The study, which looked at 24,000 respondents in 24 countries between 2021 and 2023, focused on sustainability-related behaviours at home, at work or in the community. 

Researchers found a high probability (46%) of higher-income workers changing jobs to work for a more sustainable company. This was more than twice the rate reported by middle-income respondents (20%) and over three times that of a lower-income group (13%).  

The study found discrepancies between different income households and their behaviour regarding climate change. Higher costs where the main reason why certain households were not purchasing sustainable products. Roughly 25% of higher-income respondents said that they power their homes with renewable energy, around twice the percentage of lower- and middle-income respondents. 

“Our research highlights the troubling disconnect between concern and action on climate change for individuals, and the root causes of this gap. Most people agree climate change is a critical issue and want to take steps to address it, but too many are unable to do so amid rising costs, recession fears, geopolitical tensions, the long-term ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more,” Deloitte’s Global Consumer Industry leader Leon Pieters said. 

Improve employee retention and attract talent 

Those in today’s job market are looking for sustainability in the workplace. 

Businesses that take steps towards addressing their climate impact will see better talent acquisition and retention. 

How can businesses achieve this? 

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