More Bill Discounts for Energy and Trade Intensive Sectors

Energy and trade intensive businesses as well as heat network operators can from today apply for further support 

April 2023 — The UK government recently announced expanded support for energy and trade intensive (ETI) businesses and heat network operators to help alleviate the financial strain caused by the ongoing energy crisis. This initiative aims to offer further discounts on energy bills, enabling eligible businesses to reduce energy costs, maintain competitiveness, and promote sustainable growth. 

Key Takeaways from the Government’s Press Release 

Expanded Support for Eligible Businesses 

Eligible businesses within specified energy and trade intensive sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, and other energy-intensive industries, can now apply for additional support. 

This support comes in the form of increased discounts on per-unit energy costs, which will be applied automatically once eligibility is confirmed. 

The government’s goal is to help these businesses remain competitive in the global market, despite the challenges posed by rising energy prices. 

By offering financial relief, the government hopes to encourage businesses to continue investing in clean energy technologies and contributing to the UK’s net-zero targets. 

Inclusion of Heat Network Operators 

Heat network operators are also included in this expanded support, recognising their role in providing low-carbon heat to customers. 

The government acknowledges the importance of heat networks in achieving the UK’s decarbonisation goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

By extending financial support to these operators, the government aims to facilitate the growth of low-carbon heat networks and improve access to affordable, sustainable heating solutions for consumers. 

Government’s Commitment to Helping Businesses 

The government emphasises its commitment to helping businesses during these challenging times, ensuring they can continue to grow and contribute to the UK’s green economy. 

This expanded support demonstrates the government’s dedication to fostering a resilient and sustainable business environment, allowing the country to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy. 

The government plans to continue monitoring the energy market and working closely with stakeholders to develop further measures as needed to support businesses and the overall economy. 

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