Why Should Businesses Monitor Their Energy Consumption?

Real-time energy readings from your sites’ actual meters allow you to monitor your energy usage so you can optimise it for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Saving money is the primary purpose of energy monitoring and reducing business energy consumption. But energy monitoring provides many further advantages, too. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and boosting the company brand and reputation are also significant factors.

It’s simple: Reducing your energy consumption saves on energy costs. It also helps you create a sustainable business and lessens the stress put on the national grid.

Energy monitoring will also show you how smarter energy practices can improve equipment efficiency and extend equipment life. This results in a higher return on your investment of your company’s machinery, computers, and other energy-consuming assets. Additionally, you will gain insights into energy-saving strategies, such as scheduling when production assets are powered on or off. 

Being energy efficient will not only satisfy your bottomline, but your customers as well. Letting customers know of your energy-saving policies and operations will earn you increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you are using less energy, you are polluting less, too.

Reading energy bills and meters to monitor energy reduction strategies

Businesses who wanted to understand their energy consumption in order to find ways of reducing it would normally need to:

  • Know the wattage (kilowatt hours, or kWh) of most – if not all – appliances and machinery in the business, then
  • Check energy bills and know and compare the actual power usage in kWh for each period.

With these numbers in hand, businesses then needed to calculate the costs and usage and compare them from the previous billing periods. Scrutinising energy bills is a good way to have a high-level understanding of your energy usage, and through experimentation of changing your business’ operations, you may discover ways to reduce your energy costs.

comparing energy bills

This is a time-consuming guessing game, though, and most – if not all – small and mid-size businesses do not have the time or resources to undergo such an exercise. Installing smart meters is a big help, as they provide more consumption data faster. You can identify when your energy consumption spikes on a particular day, for example, and from this you can identify the energy hogs in your operations and make energy-consumption behaviour adjustments accordingly. 

By utilising the data we receive as part of our metering, monitoring, and targeting services, we can help you achieve your carbon reduction targets and maximise your energy savings.

Compare historical energy consumption in seconds with ClearVUE. PRO

With ClearVUE. PRO, you can monitor your energy consumption patterns monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly and in just a few clicks. Our system’s costing engine and smart grid connectivity to the energy grid enables it to deliver accurate consumption, costs, and emissions readings directly from your supplier for every connected circuit in your business. 

This means no more manual comparisons of hardcopy energy bills. Instead, you can review historical energy consumption data and produce reports of your business gas and electricity costs in seconds. 

ClearVUE. PRO’s comparison tool lets you compare energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions data for individual circuits in your business, allowing you to inspect and monitor your electricity and gas consumption throughout time. 

Monitor and report your business energy consumption, cost, and carbon emissions

With ClearVUE. PRO, you get clear data on exactly how much energy you are consuming, where it is being wasted, and how much it is costing you.

Contact us and start taking control on how you use and report your business energy.

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