Monitor and Report Your Scope 1 and 2 Emissions With Clearvue.Zero

Businesses who want to undergo and declare their commitments to net zero emissions targets must publish their business’ direct and indirect emissions – also known as scope 1 and 2 emissions. 

The UK government in the past year has introduced new reporting requirements and standards for businesses. From showing how they plan to reach climate change targets by 2023, disclosing climate impact with annual filings, and fulfilling SECR and ESOS obligations, businesses are expected to disclose their sustainability and their emissions to officials and stakeholders. 

Along with COP26 and the piqued interest in climate issues across several sectors, we can expect for there to be an increase of requirements associated with managing and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, such as the TCFD scheme. This will make mandatory scope 1 and 2 reporting more prevalent for businesses of all sizes.

Why is emissions reporting important

To move industries, markets, and people securely to a low-carbon energy future, companies need to show they can adapt as our environment changes, regulations and policies on climate-related issues evolve, and customer behaviours shift. 

Organisations and businesses will need to be the key drivers to help the United Kingdom reach its ambitious climate targets. Additionally, investors and stakeholders are increasingly interested in how the organisations and companies in whom they invest tackle climate issues. 

To get the UK to a cleaner future while attracting interest from investors and support for stakeholders, businesses are being called to disclose their carbon impact on the environment.

The UK is “already a world leader in green finance,” said Chancellor Rishi Sunak during the unveiling of new sustainable disclosure rules (SDR) in October 2021. Requiring more businesses to disclose their climate impact “will give us the opportunity to set new global standards for sustainability that will boost the economy, protect the planet and support our net zero goals,” he added. 

“We want sustainability to be a key component of investment decisions, and our plans will arm investors with the right information to make more environmentally-led decisions.”

Track carbon emissions per circuit and meter

The electricity and gas your company uses are calculated for their greenhouse gas emissions through ClearVUE.Zero. The system applies the UK government’s greenhouse gas conversion factors to report your business’ emissions. 

Carbon emissions from your electricity use are classified as scope 2 (indirect) emissions; they are the emissions from the electricity you purchase for your own use. 

Carbon emissions from gas consumption are classified under scope 1 (direct) emissions since the fuel you used for power is combusted on site.

Thanks to the system’s high resolution of energy data reading (up to 15 minutes in most cases) of your energy portfolio, you can make quick and informed decisions on how to adjust your power consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Select one or a combination of circuits and meters to see how much CO2e you are using through energy purchasing. This data goes as far back as when you began using the system on site.  

Straightaway you can visualise and understand your carbon emissions trends across all sites. The responsive data table lets you drill down into the data. So you can scrutinise your emissions to a granular level. 

Reporting your scope 1 and 2 emissions in ClearVUE.Zero

Consumption reports in ClearVUE.Zero carbon accounting software show your company’s scope 1 and 2 emissions impact.

The data in the report reflects the parameters selected in the data analysis table. The combination of circuits along with the period selected establish the consumption data shown therein. 

ClearVUE.Zero reports your carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (NO2) emissions in kilogrammes. 

Consumption report generated from the Power Analysis table. The report gives a Summary (or consolidated) and circuit-level greenhouse gas emissions values.

Consumption report generated from the Gas Analysis table. The report gives a Summary (or consolidated) and circuit-level greenhouse gas emissions values.


Monitor and report your business energy consumption, cost, and carbon emissions

With ClearVUEZero, you get a good understanding of your scope 1 and 2 emissions. Contact us and start taking control on how you use and report your business energy.

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