Minimal Disruption, Seamless Installation: ClearVUE.Zero’s Process

ClearVUE.Business is an energy management solutions provider that works with businesses in their net zero journey. We prioritise our partners needs in all aspects of our approach, producing advanced analytics in tandem with a tailored service. To deliver on this commitment, we have engineered a pre-installation service that ensures a seamless and efficient process with minimal disruption to operations. In this blog, we outline our approach, explaining the steps we take to guarantee safety while ensuring our installation fits your operation’s unique requirements and needs.

A Tailored Approach

After partnering with ClearVUE.Zero, our team of net zero consultants and electrical engineers kick off the pre-installation process. 

Our team members work hand-in-hand with you to set the best date and time for our initial survey.

The survey helps us identify any potential barriers that need to be overcome. We address these prior to installation day to maximise efficiency.  

We also take note of any specific stock, equipment or engineering personnel requirements needed for the installation, including any interruptions to supply or production.  

There are rare cases where machinery will need to be shut off during the installation process. We ensure that this is communicated to you in advance, so you can have a proactive plan in place to make any necessary adjustments. 

At every step, we ensure that installation is tailored to your needs. This means that our services can extend beyond normal working hours to ensure installation is completed in accordance with your requirements. 

For instance, partners such as schools and academy trusts often require work to be completed during holiday periods to minimise disruption to both pupils and teachers.  We are happy to accommodate this to ensure you can continue your services with no disruption. 

Ensuring Maximum Safety and Comfort 

Prior to the installation of ClearVUE.Zero, our team provides a timetable of attendance at your site, with details of the worker(s), including vehicle details, so you have clear expectations of when they will arrive and notify relevant personnel in advance.   

This is supplemented with all required Risk Assessments, Method Statements and DBS certification so that our clients are in full possession of the information they require from our staff to ensure we meet the maximum safety standards for your business, while keeping our own staff safe (DBS checks are updated annually within ClearVUE.Business). 

Seamless Installation 

Thanks to the proactive steps outlined above, the installation of ClearVUE.Zero is minimally invasive and can be completed within a day at a single site.   

Learn more about our installation process and explore the ClearVUE.Zero hardware and software solution here. 

For more information about ClearVUE.Zero and how it can benefit your business, contact us here. 

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