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We are pleased to unveil Gas Analysis for ClearVUE.Zero, the new module that gives you...

We are pleased to unveil Gas Analysis for ClearVUE.Zero, the new module that gives you incredible depth of data and insight into your business gas consumption. Now you can get daily and historical visual data of your business gas consumption from the gas connections in all your sites, allowing you to maximise energy efficiency and monitor and target energy waste. 

Gas Analysis is powered by ClearVUE.Zero’s costing engine and smart grid connectivity. This enables the energy management solution to deliver accurate consumption reports of your business gas costs and usage in seconds. 

The introduction of Gas Analysis comes at a time where natural gas and power prices are reaching unprecedented levels. It is crucial for businesses of any sector to monitor and use their energy smartly and efficiently to avoid higher costs or avoid operational shutdowns due to insufficient energy. 

We developed Gas Analysis to help uncover vital information about your gas consumption so you can make crucial decisions to improve your business and achieve your sustainability goals.



ClearVUE.Zero is the energy management software solution that helps businesses cut energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to improved operational efficiencies. The solution uses big data and IoT technologies to help businesses reach optimal energy performance, reduce energy expenditure, lower their carbon footprint, and minimise their impact on the environment.

In this post, we dive into Gas Analysis’ features and tools that help you monitor your current business gas consumption and develop, implement, and manage your energy cost and carbon reduction strategies.

Gas Analysis features  

The Gas Analysis module functions just like the Electricity Analysis module (previously known as History Analysis). If you are a current or experienced user of ClearVUE.Zero, navigating and using Gas Analysis will immediately be familiar to you. 

The below guide offers insights on how to use Gas Analysis’ functionalities, giving current users and those interested in the product a look into how ClearVUE.Zero delivers unprecedented depth of analysis into business gas consumption. 

Analysis table – a quick and data-rich dive into your energy consumption

The Analysis table lets you select and combine any parameter from any gas connection at any time and across multiple sites. 

Energy data loads instantly as you choose your meters and mains (circuits) from your sites and which unit data you want to see, including energy, volume, calorific value, carbon emissions, and costs. 

As you use your system, your selection of parameters and time ranges are chronicled in the Terminal, giving you the ability to jump back to investigations done earlier in your session. 

It’s simple to drill down into your energy data. You are able to select from present time ranges (day, week, month, year to date, one year, or all) or a custom range in the calendar. With your mouse, you can select an area of the analysis table to get a closer investigation; with your scroll wheel or trackpad you can zoom in and out of the data as you please. Navigation buttons are found on the user interface as well.


Locate peaks of consumption at the click of a button

Energy management is no longer only a cost-saving exercise, but a consumption- and carbon-cutting one, too. Using more energy than necessary is often the chief culprit of overconsumption. High energy usage during peak hours is another issue. To help reduce our usage, it is helpful to know when and where our maximum energy draw occurs. 

ClearVUE.Zero makes it simple to find peaks in your energy consumption.

You are able to pinpoint the peak consolidated consumption on the gas analysis table by clicking on the Peak button in the toolbar at the top. Clicking this button will place a marker on the table indicating when your peak consumption occurred in the selected timeframe. The consumption details will appear next to the marker.



Choosing the unit parameters in the table below will move the marker to where the peak values of the selected unit occurred. This means you can quickly identify the peak costs or the peak carbon emissions of the selected circuits, for example.

Monitor energy consumption of groups of assets with virtual meters

ClearVUE.Zero not only provides you with the ability to breakdown and analyse consumption data for a single circuit or gas line, but it also lets you see data for customisable groups of circuits or gas lines. 

Virtual meters in Gas Analysis are customisable groups of gas lines (or circuits for Power Analysis) from your actual meters and sub-meters. You can group lines from different sites and meters into virtual meters so that you can monitor the performances of particular operations or assets across your company. 

For example, you can group all gas ranges from multiple restaurants into a single virtual meter. You can then inspect the consolidated consumption and cost of your gas ranges, spot underperforming ones, and review their efficiency. 

There is no limit to the number of virtual meters you can create in ClearVUE.Zero. This gives you total control in how you want to manage your energy portfolio.

The gas energy parameters analysed in ClearVUE.Zero

Gas Analysis in ClearVUE.Zero currently provides six energy parameters on your business gas.



Costing previews

ClearVUE.Zero removes much of the guesswork and manual calculations involved in calculating energy bills. Our cost engine provides a certain level of validation towards your final energy bill. It factors your contract structures, meter readings, consumption patterns, market prices, and more to provide you with a preview of your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly gas energy consumption. 



The Terminal gives a quick view of the information you have selected in the data grid. It also provides a history of your choices, allowing you to jump back to view data selections from earlier in your session. 



From the Terminal you can also print a readings and consumptions reports from the chosen gas connections and periods. 


Compare the consumption of single circuits

You can run comparisons of the consumption patterns of a single circuit with the Compare tool in Gas Analysis. With this you can scrutinise the performance, costs, emissions, and consumption of a single circuit from day to day, week to week, and so on. 

By first selecting an interval at the top of the page, you can then isolate one circuit from the circuits list and click the balances icon to “lock in” the data shown on the grid. Now scroll to the next interval to see both intervals’ energy data overlap each other. 

Monitor and manage your business gas today

We are on a mission to put you in control of how you view, control, and use energy to bring about a positive change by using less energy, reducing carbon and improving your business efficiency. 

Get in touch with us to connect your system with your business gas. Your net zero journey and smarter business gas consumption start here.

Non-intrusive hardware installation 

ClearVUE.Zero connects to your business gas setup without interruption. After an initial site survey, our engineers come on site and instal meter-reading hardware to your sub-connections and existing circuit boards, and shortly thereafter you will have advanced and powerful data insights – via the ClearVUE cloud – that give you the capability to take far greater control of your commercial energy assets.

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