Malta and Energy Efficiency

What business owners need to know about energy efficiency in Malta

Energy efficiency in Malta has slowly become a standard practice for businesses in Malta. The need for energy efficiency has been highlighted by the UN’s IPCC report on climate change. Locally, being energy efficient is becoming more relevant in the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

If your business is looking to become more sustainable by investing in energy efficiency, here are some alliances you can join to get more information.


Although Malta does not require specific certification for a company’s energy efficiency procedures, it does require that every building has an energy performance certificate. Similar to the energy label on home products like refrigerators, an EPC certificate shows a building’s energy efficiency.

Although you cannot change the materials that your business’ building is made from, you can reduce your energy consumption and costs through greater efficiency in your operations using ClearVUE.Zero.

ClearVUE.Zero processes large volumes of energy and carbon data from numerous circuits and meters, and instantly shows them on any web-enabled device. Your company will have immediate access to energy and carbon analysis and insight to become more energy efficient overnight.



July 2022 saw the introduction of the Malta ESG Alliance. With 13 founding members, the alliance represents the private sector’s collaboration to address regional environmental, social and governance challenges in enterprises. Part of this commitment is to improve energy efficiency in Malta. Companies within this alliance are focusing on several initiatives to make their businesses more environmentally friendly, including electric vehicles and solar panels.

Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association

This association promotes discussion on energy-related issues, including energy efficiency, among energy actors, including consumers and energy decision makers in Malta. It also promotes sustainable energy policies that emphasise energy efficiency and use of renewable energies. It also supports the organisation of training courses for energy actors and decision makers. The Association helps organisations move toward energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy.

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