International Standardisation Giant ISO Updates Net Zero Guidelines for Companies

The International Organisation for Standardization on 11 November 2022 published standards for industries looking to deliver their net zero pledges. 

The guidelines arrive as concerns are growing about greenwashing – or the practice of overstating a company’s environmental efforts.  

The ISO platform outlines standards for a variety of industries, from oil and gas to aerospace and telecommunication. 

Ulrika Francke, president of the ISO, said the publication of the standards marked a “historic milestone in bringing the international community closer to deliver on climate commitments”. 

“The Net Zero Guidelines will bring much needed alignment on net zero,” she said. “We are confident, and proud, that these guidelines will be used widely across government and industry to effectively meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and give greater credibility to what net zero means.” 

The new guidelines were published in response to the United Nations saying clearer guidelines are needed for net zero and as world leaders gather at the UN’s Climate Conference, COP27, in Egypt. 

Nigel Topping, the UK’s High Level Climate Action champion for COP26, welcomed the new guidelines. “We need clear, consistent and harmonised global standards on net zero if we are to effectively and rapidly unlock the regulatory environment needed to help Governments meet the goals of the Paris Agreement,” he said.  

“These Net Zero Guidelines helpfully build on the Race to Zero voluntary criteria and can be used as a core reference text on net zero to bring global actors into alignment, ratchet up ambition and address greenwashing,” he added. 

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