Is Africa the Next Renewable Energy Superpower?

Over 85 percent of the energy generated in the Greater Horn of Africa is renewable, United Nations general secretary Antonio Guterres revealed, as he added that Africa has the potential to be a renewable energy superpower.

Africa accounts for just four percent of global emissions, but it suffers some of the worst effects of climate change.

Following a visit in Nairobi this week, Guterres said that Africa should be helped to make a just and equitable and just transition to renewable energy.

This continent is home to 30 percent of the mineral reserves that are critical to renewable and low-carbon technologies, like solar power, electric vehicles and battery storage.

“To truly benefit all Africans, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past. The production and trade of these critical minerals must be sustainable, transparent and just, with maximum added value produced in African countries,” Guterres said.

Efforts in countries like Mozambique highlight the continent’s potential to be a superpower. The country gets nearly 100 percent of its energy from green and sustainable sources.

“These efforts must be supported, strengthened and scaled up,” Guterres said.

A bold step forward

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