How to Unlock Energy Savings Using IoT Technology

IoT-based energy saving technologies can be your best tool when it comes to managing and adjusting your company-wide energy consumption. Energy inefficiencies can often plague businesses without being overtly identifiable.

IoT, which stands for ‘Internet of Things’ refers to the utilisation of the internet to monitor real-time information regarding your energy use. By using smart sensors, which can read your company’s entire energetic activity, we are able to accurately keep track of your consumption and extrapolate ways to maximise efficiency.

Your business can save significant amounts of money as well as reduce its emissions by incorporating easily installable, non-intrusive analytical monitoring systems to track your energy use.

In this article, we will outline the benefits and applications of IoT technologies to guide business owners such as yourself in unlocking new opportunities for streamlining.

What can IoT energy management systems do for your business?

Through the non-intrusive installation of monitoring hardware, which require no downtime, our system allows you to view real time data on a multitude of factors such as consumption, costs, and carbon emissions directly from our ClearVUE.Zero Dashboard. Ranging from your entire business, specific locations, or even singular equipment, the system monitors energy costs, carbon, and consumption.

By monitoring consumption down to individual machines or office appliances, you can precisely pinpoint areas for improvements, buff out inefficiencies or simply raise awareness regarding wastes within your company.

Regardless of one’s conscientiousness regarding energy savings, being able to visualise your consumption is the only guaranteed way of understanding energy efficiency. Therefore, enabling you to make informed decisions to reach Net Zero targets or purely reduce costs.

How consumption data can guide real-life applications

Once you have identified sources of increased energy consumption or periods when there are unusual spikes in usage, you can directly act on them.

For example, if you notice that certain machinery begins operating too early in your manufacturing process, you can inform on-site managers for them to make adjustments. Furthermore, you may notice that certain circuits in different locations have differing consumption for similar production, enabling you to determine whether your teams need to be further trained in energy saving.

Or on a more basic level, you may also recognise which of your appliances need to be retired or upgraded with counterparts of higher energy saving ratings. Or whether HVAC and other quality of life systems can be more efficiently used.

To aid you in this process, if data analysis is not your speciality, we at ClearVUE.Business provide your business with a dedicated team of analysts and sustainability experts to help you devise a plan to reduce energy consumption. We can also provide month-by-month tracking regarding the efficiency of your newly adopted energy saving strategy, to ensure that your energy consumption declines to meet your targets.

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