How to Decarbonise Your Supply Chain

Decarbonising your supply chain can be one of the most effective ways to combat climate change. A business’ supply chain is often the most emissions-intensive industry, sometimes reaching 80% of its total emissions. Decarbonising your supply chain is a powerful way to reduce emissions.  

The term “decarbonisation” refers to all actions taken by a company, organization, government, or other entity to lessen its carbon footprint, particularly its greenhouse gas emissions. 

As consumers, authorities, and regulators pay more attention to the decarbonisation strategies of the companies they are involved with, here are three easy strategies to help you decarbonise your supply chain and reach your environmental goals.  

Strategy 1: Measure before you manage 

Most businesses now use carbon accounting techniques at a level that is comparable to cost accounting 40 years ago. Data on emissions, particularly when it comes to their supply chain, is often dispersed across multiple spreadsheets.  

This means decisions made on that data is not based on reports or decision-supporting dashboards. 

This data is crucial to writing sustainability reports.  Nowadays it also risks losing businesses money. Earlier this year, carbon traded at €100 per metric ton on the EU Emissions Trading System. 

This means future CFOs and other business executives will need much more precise, detailed, and timely emission transparency to manage the company. 

Strategy 2: Craft a plan 

Businesses should look to create a plan to reduce your emissions within the supply chain.  

This includes working with suppliers to lower their emissions or reach science-based targets. These suppliers represent most of your emissions and your procurement spend, so it is worth speaking to them to create a plan to decarbonisation.  

It might also include switching strategic suppliers to help you reach your goals. 

You could also work with industry colleagues to send key messages to suppliers that decarbonisation is needed across the entire supply chain.  

Strategy 3: Decarbonise through digital technology 

Technology is a powerful tool to speed up decarbonisation across your supply chain. It can help you cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to reduced climate impact and improved green credentials, customer engagement, and operational efficiencies. 

Data can be used to measure energy consumption, costs and improve energy inefficiencies. 

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