Free Energy Efficiency Assessment: Check Your Score

In an effort to help businesses access advice on their energy efficiency, ClearVUE.Business has launched an innovative, free energy efficiency calculator that helps businesses identify their energy inefficiencies. This, in turn, will help them lower bills and improve their sustainability score. 

“As sustainability advocates, we recognised the necessity of making energy efficiency insights accessible to all,” Jonathan Spiteri, Chief Technology Officer, said at ClearVUE.Business. “Our free online assessment tool will serve as a tool to equip businesses with resources to make informed decisions and reduce their bills and carbon footprint.” 

World Energy Efficiency Day, celebrated this month, highlights the importance of reducing energy consumption by fostering sustainable energy practices.  

The Energy Efficiency Calculator evaluates users’ energy behaviour and delivers recommendations tailored to business’s unique requirements. Companies can complete the assessment in under 10 minutes and receive actionable insights on enhancing their energy efficiency efforts. 

“We acknowledge that every business is unique, so our Energy Efficiency Calculator offers recommendations based on their responses,” added Spiteri. “Our tool is geared towards providing businesses with actionable practices that benefit both the environment and their bottom line.” 

ClearVUE.Business’s dedication to promoting sustainable business practices extends beyond the Energy Efficiency Calculator’s launch. By providing free access to valuable resources, the company aims to empower businesses to embrace energy efficiency as a fundamental aspect of their operations. 

Click here to get free advice on lowering your bills.


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