The UK must address limitations to revive their position as net zero leader

The global green race has amped up, with nations no longer in a position to...

The global green race has amped up, with nations no longer in a position to ignore the urgency. We are surpassing the willingness barrier, however, the next phase we are entering is equally challenging: limitations.  

As the focus moves into implementation, capacity issues are becoming extremely clear. 

To execute decarbonisation strategy, policymakers must now overcome the issues of limited land availability, mineral supply, and infrastructure – climate challenge rhetoric must continue to emphasise infrastructure.  

Bloomberg NEF reports that:  

The International Energy Agency estimates that:  

As a result, we also are seeing the challenge of manufacturing play out in the energy industry, causing tension between global leaders, and forcing an onshore supply chain revolution.  

The UK was once a net zero leader – they were the first country to legislate for net zero, and the first to set legally binding carbon budgets.  

However, progress has stalled, unfortunately at a time when accelerating is more critical than ever.  

The “fear of missing out” — is “one of the most compelling political forces” that will now be driving momentum on climate change in the UK, said Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change.  

It is projected that with a likely change in government, and climate change being a priority for voters, we will see revived action from the UK.  

In order for the UK to achieve real progress, limitations must be addressed:  

For any realistic hope of reaching the Paris agreement targets, technology must be incorporated into industry’s (on an individual business level) sustainability strategy.  

To make authentic progress, and re-establish UK as a net zero leader, baselines must be accurately identified. The only practical way to complete this, is for businesses to measure their emissions and energy outputs using data.  

ClearVUE.Business is a technology that has been developed to do exactly this.  

Businesses are able to measure their carbon footprint in real time, create compliance reports in seconds, and use the findings to inform effective strategies that are mutually beneficial for both their operations and the Paris targets.  

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