Over £450 million to improve energy efficiency in school buildings

The UK government has announced a £450 million investment to help refurbish and repair conditions...

The UK government has announced a £450 million investment to help refurbish and repair conditions in school buildings, including improving on energy efficiency. 

Over 1,000 school buildings will be included in the scheme, the government said. In total, £1.8 billion of capital funding for the financial year 2023-2024 has been allocated to improve the condition of school buildings, it added. 

The deal was announced after 239 new school buildings were chosen as part of the Schools Rebuilding Programme, with 400 out of 500 schools and sixth form colleges now being selected for rebuilds.  

Since 2015, over £15 billion has been allocated to school facilities, the government said. 

“Our Condition Improvement Fund has already completed over eleven thousand projects, making a difference to pupils and teachers across the country. These projects help to create safer learning environments that make a difference to the quality of education for pupils,” Minister for the School System, Diana Barran. 

“It’s hugely important that every school has access to high-quality learning facilities and these funding allocations will make sure that responsible bodies can start to plan ahead and get projects started to replace roofs, boilers and windows – so pupils and teachers can learn and work in a comfortable space,” she added. 

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