Fossil Fuel Jobs Phased Out In Energy Market

The International Energy Agency’s first World Employment Report found that 1.3 million new energy jobs...

The International Energy Agency’s first World Employment Report found that 1.3 million new energy jobs were created in the last two years. 

Of the 1.3 million new energy jobs, “virtually all” are in clean energy, the IEA estimates. 

The report says clean energy has now “surpassed the 50% mark for its share of total energy employment” and has the biggest potential for job creation. 

Clean energy jobs include jobs in sectors such as bioenergy supply, generating power from nuclear and renewable sources, electricity grids and storage, electric vehicles manufacturing and energy efficiency. 

Decarbonisation is the biggest driver of this shift, according to the IEA, as it pointed towards new manufacturing facilities, especially in solar and electric vehicles, helping to drive growth. 

In fuel supply, oil has the largest labour force, totalling almost 8 million, followed by 6.3 million in coal supply and 3.9 million in gas supply. 

According to IEA estimates, 14 million new clean energy jobs will need to be created by 2030 with another 16 million workers moved to clean energy roles, if net zero emissions is to be achieved by 2050. Fossil fuel workers have many of the skills needed for these jobs and the IEA reports that many companies are already transferring their workers to newly created roles in low carbon energy. 

Transition fuelling growth 

Higher jobs in the clean energy sector indicate that companies are willing to recognise the importance of the shift to green energy. 

It also indicates that employees are more willing to leave their jobs in favour of roles which they see as environmentally responsible. 

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