Energy Efficiency Tip: Focus Power Consumption During Off-Peak Times

Time of Use (ToU) charges are a pricing strategy designed to encourage energy customers to use power during off-peak times, when energy is typically cheaper. These charges provide consumers with flexible billing tied to supply and demand.

ToU charges vary depending on the time of day and the season, so it’s important to understand how they work to optimise your usage and minimise your costs.

In general, energy is more expensive during peak periods when demand is high. By shifting your energy usage to off-peak times, you can take advantage of energy rates that are up to 40 percent cheaper. With planning, and if your business uses a lot of power, you could make substantial savings by taking advantage of lower off-peak rates.

Many businesses are now turning to ToU energy plans to take advantage of lower energy rates during off-peak hours. However, ToU plans can be complex, and it can be difficult to know how to best take advantage of the lower rates.

ClearVUE.Zero’s intelligent energy management software platform provides businesses with the data they need to make the most of ToU energy plans. The software helps businesses plan and strategise the best approach for maximum cost efficiency. As a result, businesses can save money on their energy costs. With ClearVUE.Zero, businesses have the information they need to make informed decisions about their energy use, and they can be confident that they are getting the most out of their ToU energy plan.

Time of use analysis in ClearVUE.Zero.

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