Faster Growth, Quicker ROI: The Advantages of Decarbonising Using Data

Decarbonisation is rapidly ascending to the top of businesses’ agendas. As climate regulations evolve and public awareness of the climate crisis intensifies, businesses are increasingly setting net zero targets. But many are still grappling with finding the right strategy to ensure growth while reducing emissions.

Data-driven insights are pivotal in bridging the gap between net zero ambitions and tangible actions. 

This article explores the benefits of leveraging data to decarbonise your business and the role of ClearVUE.Business in this transformative journey. 

1. Return on investment 

 Decarbonisation is often viewed as a compliance cost rather than an investment in the future. This perception is a myth. 

In fact, according to research by the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project, companies that disclose environmental data and have ambitious emissions reduction targets have a 67% higher return on investment than those that don’t.  

Energy management solutions like ClearVUE.Zero measure emissions in real-time, providing an almost instantaneous return on investment. By identifying energy waste hotspots soon after installation, businesses can act swiftly to rectify inefficiencies, leading to reduced energy bills. 

2. Shareholder returns 

Between 2013 and 2020, companies that consistently scored high on ESG factors saw 2.6 times greater shareholder returns than average ESG scorers. Companies that set science-based targets to reduce their carbon emissions outperform their peers by 5.6% in terms of shareholder returns. 

Shareholders often want measurable evidence of a company’s decarbonisation plans. They want reports that are quick and easy to understand. 

Energy management technology like ClearVUE.Zero provides data reports that can be presented in a corporate format. These reports can be presented at shareholders’ meetings quickly and easily to provide clear evidence of a company’s net zero journey. 

3. Investors’ pressure 

ESG has become an investor magnet, with 60% of investors saying they will increase their investments in companies that prioritise sustainability over the next five years. 

However, many start-ups and small businesses struggle to align their strategies with investor preferences. ClearVUE.Zero can expedite the transition to decarbonisation, attracting investors by providing a clear, actionable roadmap towards net zero. With the ability to generate reports at the click of a button, businesses can quickly showcase their decarbonisation efforts. 

4. Economic transition 

The transition to a net zero economy could create up to €8 trillion in business opportunities in Europe alone by 2050. Companies that are slow to transition risk losing market share and competitiveness. 

As governments and civil society demand stronger legislation, businesses that fall behind risk losing their customer base and facing penalties on climate legislation. 

Decarbonisation helps businesses improve customers by providing companies with evidence of their net zero efforts. 

How do I achieve decarbonisation through data? 

At ClearVUE.Business, our mission is to help businesses achieve growth while reducing emissions. 

Our industry-leading technology provides the data you need to know where and how to decarbonise your business operations. It also provides reports to help you provide evidence of your decarbonisation efforts. 

Our experts at ClearVUE.Business also work hand in hand with you to achieve growth while minimising costs and emissions. 

Book a free demo to get started. 

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