Environmental Groups Take ENI to Court Over Climate Change

Environmental organisations Greenpeace and ReCommon announced on Tuesday that they had filed a lawsuit against Italian energy company ENI for using fossil fuels, which they claim is causing climate change. 

Eni, the Italian Economy Ministry, and state lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), which jointly control the company with a stake of about 30%, were all given notices about the lawsuit, according to Greenpeace. 

This would be the first time a lawsuit of this kind takes place in Italy. 

“The plaintiffs are … asserting their right to claim damages for the effects of climate change, for which Italy’s largest energy companies bear a heavy responsibility,” Greenpeace said. 

It stated that it hoped to force ENI to reconsider its corporate strategy and persuade CDP and the Italian government to take “a stronger role in ensuring that ENI complies with the Paris Agreement (on climate change) and respects human rights.” 

A representative for ENI stated that the company would “prove in court the groundlessness of the lawsuit” as well as the legitimacy of its own “transformation and decarbonisation strategy”. 

As the climate crisis worsens, businesses are facing stricter compliance rules that could even lead to court action. 

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