Digital Technology’s Role in Net Zero

Businesses encouraged to tackle net zero

The UK government committed to and unveiled several decarbonisation and energy reduction policies in 2021 to help the nation meet its ambitious net zero goals. Some of these included the UK Net Zero Strategy, launching the green reporting scheme, requirements for businesses to reveal their own net zero goals, and more. The country also hosted COP26 in November 2021, one of the most anticipated climate conferences since the Paris Accords were signed. 

Net zero has been central to the government’s economic vision. MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan discussed during Northern Gas and Power’s Net Zero Week 2021 how net zero targets are “at the heart of (the UK government’s) plan for growth, which is our long-term strategy to level up the country and cement our position as global Britain, backed by investments in infrastructure, skills and innovations.” 

Businesses have been called upon to help deliver this plan – and digital technology is the vehicle with which businesses can achieve their net zero goals. Advancing and emerging technologies have a significant role in decarbonising our economies and making our power consumption more efficient. 

“Businesses have set up ambitious goals in line with global commitments towards decarbonisation and achieving net zero. Only a systematic change and approach can help them reach their targets. This includes strategically adopting cloud technologies, big data and IoT,” said Loganathan G. Bose, Head of Products at ClearVUE Systems.

Adopting digital technology helps businesses achieve targets

Digital and IoT technologies have the ability to help organisation’s drastically improve their energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals without sacrificing economic productivity. Research presented by Vodafone titled Connecting for Net Zero: Addressing the climate crisis through digital technology suggests that widespread adoption of 5G and IoT in the key areas of manufacturing, transport, and agriculture would cut the UK’s overall emissions by as much as 4 per cent per year.

We recognise the importance technologies play in advancing net zero goals. That is why we provide advanced IoT smart-metering hardware solutions for businesses. Our next-generation meters are powered by cutting-edge computing over 5G networks with scalable IoT cloud capabilities. This enables advanced data streaming, sending millions of messages that assess the pulse of a business’ energy consumption and conditions in real time. Businesses can use this data to make quick and effective changes to their energy consumption trends and practices. 

A next generation data representation system

ClearVUE is a next generation data representation system that is not just easy on the eye, but also has the powerful technological tools to give it the ability to process trillions of gigabytes of data. ClearVUE is able to provide information to customers at a granular level by analysing data that flows in every second. Versatile and tactical use of monitoring devices enables ClearVUE to accurately monitor more than 20 energy unit parameters.

“[Our systems],” Bose continued, “give businesses a head start with accurate readings of where they are now. Businesses can measure real progress, project future targets and course correct with constant, consistent, reliable and readable data. In a climate of changing regulations, businesses can not only seamlessly adapt and comply, but also exceed targets. While your focus is on the future of our planet, the cost of also transforming your business to be innovative and intelligent is a wise investment.” 

ClearVUE facilitates net zero strategies

ClearVUE can help you monitor, measure, and manage your business energy to reduce carbon emissions, energy waste and even your costs. We are “tech for good”.

If you have any further questions about business energy management or energy management software solutions, give us a call on +44 (0)3 300 300 200.

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