Current Climate Policies Are a ‘Death Sentence’ for the World, UN Chief Antonio Guterres Says

The current climate policies would make the planet 2.8 °C hotter by the end of the century, United Nations Secretary-General warned. 

He was addressing major world leaders during a Major Economies Forum meeting earlier this week. 

“You are the major economies – but also the major emitters. And our world has a major climate challenge before us”, he added. 

He stated that retaining the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C is still a possibility: “But only if global climate action makes a quantum leap. And that is up to you. Cooperation is necessary for global acceleration. And doing so entails getting past conflicts, prejudices, and tensions. 

Guterres emphasised once more his proposal for a G20 industrialised nations’ Climate Solidarity Pact, in which big emitters “make extra efforts to cut emissions; and wealthier countries support emerging economies to achieve this.” He insisted that geopolitical division must not be allowed to torpedo the global fight against climate change.   

There needs to be quick action in the following three areas, Guterres insisted. First, there are net zero deadlines that urge developed nations to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible.  

“Secondly, I implore you to quicken the decarbonisation of every sector while moving away from fossil fuels. In terms of accessibility, affordability, and energy security, renewables can deliver,” he said.  

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