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Energy management: what you need to know

You already know what modern technology is capable of. We all depend on it. We’re impressed by same day deliveries, autonomous driving and 5G internet speeds. And now, you’ll be impressed with a detailed overview of your full energy portfolio. It’s critical for businesses to look into reducing their carbon footprint. Businesses are looking to manage their energy to comply with tightening regulations. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure. So, this is where you’ll need ClearVUE. PRO.

A valuable relationship as energy partners

Single-site requirements or full portfolios, ClearVUE. PRO provides an intuitive suite of energy management services. ClearVUE. PRO is an energy solutions specialist, providing cutting-edge technology to help businesses manage their energy. It shows your business energy data in accessible formats, in real-time and in granular detail. You’ll see everything from your costs to consumption in simplified layouts.

Previously, the collection of this much data would take weeks. You’d have to source data from multiple meters, sometimes in different formats, and then unscramble the code yourself – making it impossible to run any meaningful analysis. But with ClearVUE. PRO, it’s all done for you. It’s designed to make your life easier. It makes the complex, simple. An intuitive interface even remembers your preferences, presenting your favoured highlights quickly and easily. Monitoring energy and power consumption of all your circuits and devices couldn’t be simpler.

Leverage the data

Meet your energy reduction targets with ClearVUE. PRO’s deep data analysis. With a streamlined view into your energy data, you’ll see your fundamentals like cost, consumption, wastage and inefficiencies – all outlined for you clearly.


You’ll see your costs, including non-commodity fees, ahead of your energy bills. You’ll see when and where your circuits run inefficiently or identify instances of overconsumption and energy waste. Instant notifications give you the leverage to get the most out of your energy. ClearVUE. PRO lets you account for your energy and track your savings – cost and carbon!

Working together

Your consumer experience is what drives this technology. Your requirements and evolving needs are the essence of ClearVUE. PRO. Each client develops a bespoke journey with expert guidance from a dedicated team of analysts and energy professionals. You’ll get support with a range of energy optics, including kWh, kW, kVAr and kVA analyses. We’ll guide you through our Cost and Forecasting metrics too, ensuring you get the most out of ClearVUE. PRO.


Deep Data: Simplified Spreadsheets
Data shouldn’t be overwhelming. It shouldn’t need analysts or experts. It should be simple – accessible and easy to understand. The simplicity of ClearVUE. PRO is its key feature. It makes the complex look easy. It decodes the data to show you the highlights. ClearVUE. PRO clarifies the complexities of your energy data. You’ll get access to bespoke reports on your own energy patterns. You’ll be well informed when setting forecasts, budgets or action-plans.

A smarter energy choice

We do the heavy thinking for you. Our intuitive and powerful software learns your energy patterns and simplifies intensive data, allowing you to understand your energy in way that was impractical before. It’ll remember your energy trends and spot anomalous behaviour in real time. Early notifications will prompt you to take preventative measures, saving you from costly consequences down the line!


With ClearVUE. PRO, businesses can gather energy data on a massive scale, and streamline the data into useful analysis. With its smart interface and intuitive features, ClearVUE. PRO provides a superior insight into your power consumption, helping you develop actionable outcomes with data you can understand.
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You can’t manage
what you can’t measure.

30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
Both are possible simultaneously with ClearVUE.Business.