ClearVUE.Business Solutions Versus the Climate and Energy Crises

Today we are facing concurrent climate and energy crises. We recently learned from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) that the global average temperature will very likely rise by 1.5 degrees. The world leaders gathered in the Paris Climate Accord of 2015 also agreed on the likelihood of this happening within the next five years.

Gas and electricity are more expensive than ever. The soaring prices have left many energy suppliers to shut down, people to cut their wasteful expenditures and sometimes essentials too. 

How can businesses fight against these concurrent crises? They can through ClearVUE.Business, the net zero consultancy and carbon and energy management technology provider.

Businesses must control their carbon output and energy consumption

Stephen R. Covey, the author of the best-selling personal leadership book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, suggests that a person should focus on things that are under their circle of influence (i.e., areas which one can act upon and have an impact), which eventually enlarges their circle over situations which currently is not under their influence but has an impact on our life i.e. circle of concern.

Similarly, finding solutions to the global climate and energy crisis by any one business alone is too optimistic. But having control over our business’s consumption and emission is something each individual has influence over, as it lies in our circle of concern. While we begin by focussing our efforts in our businesses, the influence grows to help the environment in the future whilst reducing costs, at a time when energy is expensive and difficult to source.

The ClearVUE.Zero solution versus the climate and energy crises

ClearVUE.Business has built a carbon and energy management solution that helps monitor important parameters and allows business owners to cut unwanted and wasteful consumption, and therefore reducing their carbon footprint.

Not monitoring your business’s consumption can be a costly affair, both for the business and the climate.

First, in regard to energy bills, monitoring and targeting can help businesses save 15–20 percent on their energy bills. We studied the consumption and expenditure pattern of businesses who have been onboarded to the ClearVUE.Zero systems in the past year. Our observation clearly demonstrates a month-on-month reduction to the tune of 25–30 percent. To illustrate this, imagine a business with a £10,000 monthly energy bill. Through careful monitoring and proactive energy efficiency planning, the business could save an average of £2,500–3,000 savings per month – equalling £30,000–36,000 yearly.**

Importantly, ClearVUE.Zero provides crucial GHG data from your business so you can take the necessary steps to help us all reach our net zero goals. Upcoming features in the system will allow you to keep a track of all emissions made throughout the business. With the help of the breakdown chart, you can compare emissions for different months and scopes simultaneously, which will allow you to decide on areas that need focus.

The detailed analysis and classification of your carbon emission in ClearVUE.Zero will provide you with transparency that will help you to strategise and take corrective measures to keep your emissions under control and reach your net zero goal.

ClearVUE carbon management platform

Data-driven energy and climate impact reduction decision-making

Monitoring energy data is just the tip of the iceberg for ClearVUE.Zero. The ClearVUE.Zero solution has recently been updated with the Alerts feature that notifies key staff members through email or SMS, whenever any business site’s circuits or gas lines cross a threshold, set by you. This extra layer of monitoring allows you to identify areas that are deviating from your net zero goal. As there are no restrictions on the number of alerts that one can create, we can customise it as per our need and set alerts for consumption, cost, or emissions separately. This keeps your carbon emission and costs under continuous scrutiny, which helps to keep our emissions under control and save money.

As energy management is a continuous process, having an alerts feature is a relief for your energy managers as they no longer have to be worried about any mysterious wastage on the site.

Take advantage of ClearVUE.Business ongoing consultancy services

ClearVUE.Business helps businesses build a team of in-house energy managers that can track and be accountable for the consumption and emissions of the company. Using ClearVUE.Zero will provide transparency to managers in a business and allow them to look into wasteful areas, and compare assets that use more energy or emit more carbon than the others.

At the end of each month, ClearVUE.Business’ support team will provide you with a report on your energy performance for that month, compared to previous months. This holistic view will allow you to check the total consumption and pollution of an individual activity or energy-consuming asset and it will allow you to judge if the particular asset is supposed to consume the given energy.


Technicians and engineers are continuously working on updating the system and making it valuable for the customers, and soon ClearVUE will allow users to keep their net zero goal in check, by adding a section that can tell how far your business is from reaching that goal, or basically, how efficient your infrastructure is at present. In addition to the Electricity section now there is a new Gas section that gives a granular analysis of all the critical parameters for gas as well.

Partnering with ClearVUE.Business will provide you with the confidence to have gradual control over your infrastructure’s carbon emissions and its efficiency. Both energy and climate crisis have made this the time for imminent action. Inaction today can become a pain in the long run. A whole host of new and empowering features such as Alerts and energy and carbon reports allow you to have a holistic picture of the consumption and emission of your business and allow you to optimise and use them without any guilt. With ClearVUE.Business’ net zero consultancy and technology solutions, you have the opportunity to focus on your circle of influence and allow it to grow.


This post was written by Nihaal Raj, ClearVUE.Business support agent based in our Chennai, India office.

** We arrived at the figure of 25-30% reduction in consumption after studying around 30 customers. To study this data, we selected a time range of six months i.e. from Nov 21 to April 22, because it was the period when the businesses were running to their full potential after Covid related disruptions etc. Out of these, five customers had gradually reduced their consumption over this period. We compared their consumption from Nov 21 to April 22, and these 5 customers had their consumptions go down by 25-30%.

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