ClearVUE.Zero July 2023 Release Notes

We’ve been hard at work rolling out fresh updates to ClearVUE.Zero. Our goal? To deliver...

We’ve been hard at work rolling out fresh updates to ClearVUE.Zero.

Our goal? To deliver an even more efficient, intuitive, and comprehensive energy monitoring and carbon accounting experience.

Check out what’s new and improved.

Multi-Commodity Dashboard Support for Power & Gas

ClearVUE.Zero now offers enhanced dashboard support for customers monitoring multiple commodities. The dashboard now combines data from power and gas for a comprehensive view. We’re working to include even more commodities soon!

Enhanced Virtual Meter Management

We’ve enriched the Virtual Meter Management experience. Users now have the ability to hide/unhide and clone Virtual Meters with enhanced creation and editing workflows for a smoother, more efficient user experience.

Standardised User Access and Permissions

Enhancing data security and access, we’ve introduced standardised user access levels. These levels include:

Currently applied to virtual meters and annotations, we aim to expand this to Alerts and future features.

Existing virtual meters have been converted to public-read only. It’s suggested to clone these and hide the original should users wish to edit them.

Expanded Parameter and Phase Support

We’ve expanded our support for parameters and phases, now including over 80+ types measured by ClearVUE.Zero. This includes new parameters like voltage and current, as well as per-phase data.

A new feature, Parameter Presets, allows for custom grouping according to user preferences. This can be accessed above the datatable.

Dynamic Unit Scaling

We’ve expanded our Dynamic Unit Scaling functionality across the entire platform. This feature adjusts the units of measurement based on the size of the value. For example, high-consumption metering points may display energy in MWh or GWh, while smaller metering points show energy in Wh.

Previously, this Dynamic Scaling was exclusive to the dashboard. Looking ahead, we’re working on making this feature configurable to suit individual user preferences

Multiple Axis Support in Electricity Charts

You can now view multiple parameters (with different axes) simultaneously on the electricity chart. This allows for creating detailed visualisations such as Active, Apparent, and Reactive Power.

Consistent Site and Period Selection 

We’ve streamlined navigation across the application. Your selected sites and periods will persist as you navigate from one page to another.

Chart Improvements

We’ve upgraded the main application chart to enhance user experience. Features like Shared Tooltips have been added, and performance has been improved for seamless navigation.

Improved Date-Time and Period Selector

The Date-Time Selector has been redesigned for a more streamlined user experience. We’ve added handy presets like ‘This Month’, ‘Last Month’, and now provide period information above the main chart.

User-Generated Sites (Carbon Only)

Users can now create their own sites (not monitored via ClearVUE.Zero) for uploading, viewing, and analysing emissions data. Currently, these ‘User Generated’ sites are accessible only via the carbon page.

Carbon: Revised Intensity Metrics

We’ve updated calculations for the Intensity Metrics feature. You can now select a date range using different values for a metric across reporting years, and the value for the metric will be proportioned accordingly. The intensity metrics have also been revised for site-specific filtering.

Carbon: Site-Specific Filtering

Users with multiple sites can now filter the carbon module for specific or multiple sites. All assets, data, and emissions shown will be updated accordingly.

Carbon: Scope 3 Categories for SECR

ClearVUE.Zero now shows Scope 3 categories relevant to SECR reporting in the carbon module. This includes emissions from electricity transmission and distribution (populated automatically) and other categories like business travel.

Carbon: Simplified ‘Add New Asset’ Flow

We’ve streamlined the ‘Add New Asset’ process into a user-friendly dialogue. Click ‘Add Asset’, select the category, and fill out the form – it’s that simple!

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