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We are pleased to present Dashboard for ClearVUE.Zero, a new feature to our fast and...

We are pleased to present Dashboard for ClearVUE.Zero, a new feature to our fast and robust energy management system that supplies you with a global, comprehensive picture of your business energy consumption profile. 

The Dashboard provides comprehensive analysis of energy consumption trends, helping you cost-effectively consume energy and cut you carbon emissions.

ClearVUE Systems puts you and your business in command of how you view, control, and use your energy. ClearVUE.Zero provides energy costs and consumption in real time for every circuit delivering power to your business. Having this data allows you to make the best informed decisions on how to best cut energy waste, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. 

The Dashboard delivers global energy data from your properties in one place to help you make critical decisions towards cutting energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions.

ClearVUE.Zero, our flagship energy management solution, utilises big data and cloud technologies to instantly deliver millions of energy consumption data points and visualises them in an easy-to-use and -read online application. You can monitor your total energy data across all sites from one place. The addition of the Dashboard gives you your global energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and cost management performances at a glance.


Getting the full picture of your energy usage

Businesses are central to the success of the UK’s ambitious net zero targets. Yet being simply aware of the need to reduce energy consumption – and thus reduce and remove carbon emissions from business operations – only goes so far. Deep data analytics and cloud technologies such as those used by ClearVUE.Business gives you the tools and information you need to target specific areas of energy consumption improvement.

The Dashboard is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of your sites’ historical energy trends. Its individual widgets and data grids and tables all work together to let you productively utilise the data to your business energy management advantage, that being saving on costs and eliminating energy waste and reducing carbon.

ClearVUE.Zero’s Dashboard gives your system a landing page from which you gain immediate feedback on the status of your assets and which ones are the most relevant. 

Energy (MWh), apparent power (kVA), power factor (PF), billable reactive energy (MVArh), and CO2e (kg) consumption and the costs (£) of your business energy data can all be analysed at custom levels of granularity – from one day to one year plus.  ClearVUE’s comparison tools lets you review energy performances from the previous period. 

All of this data is presented in stunning yet easy-to-read tables and graphs that allow you to understand your current energy performance and conceptualise the progress of your energy management strategies.

Accelerate your net zero strategy with ClearVUE.Zero

ClearVUE provides energy management and net zero consultancy services to help your business realise your energy consumption, cost, and carbon emissions reduction strategies. 

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