ClearVUE.Business Supports Justice Prince in Creating a Sustainable Community Hub

Justice Prince CIC is a local community group focused on promoting social, economic, and environmental justice. They have joined forces with ClearVUE.Business, a leading provider of net zero sustainability consulting and carbon reporting solutions, to create a sustainable hub for their local community.

The two future focused groups have combined their specialisations to bring the initiative to fruition, and the results are remarkable.

The hub has taken form as a solar-powered café, providing a space for locals to gather, learn, and grow.

ClearVUE.Business’ support has empowered Justice Prince CIC to continue delivering their valuable projects for their local community.

The grass roots NGO maintains a community garden hub, grows food for food banks, offers training and support sessions, works with both youth and elderly, and collaborates with schools to educate children on environmental responsibilities.

Karen Clark, Chief Officer of Justice Prince, expressed her pride in the project:

“We are extremely grateful to ClearVUE.Business for their invaluable support. This solar-powered community café represents our shared commitment to sustainability, and we look forward to fostering environmental awareness and responsibility within our community.”

Bryan Macdonald, Chair of Local Conversations Grant Panel and Fundraising, also shared what the partnership means for their vision:

“ClearVUE.Business’s contribution has been instrumental in making this project a reality. Their support not only enables us to create a sustainable community hub but also highlights the importance of local businesses supporting initiatives that protect our environment.”

For ClearVUE.Business, the partnership demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and its commitment to supporting local projects that protect the environment and educate the community about the importance of acting now to secure a bright future. Objectives that strongly align with their own mission and values.

About ClearVUE.Business:

ClearVUE.Business is a leading provider of net zero sustainability consulting and carbon reporting solutions. They work with businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact.

About Justice Prince CIC:

Justice Prince CIC is a community interest company committed to promoting social, economic, and environmental justice in local communities. They provide a range of services and programs, including community gardens, food banks, training and support sessions, and partnerships with schools.

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