Case Study

Tor Bridge School

Tor Bridge School is a group of primary and secondary schools based in Plymouth that had very little insight into rising energy costs with no visibility of what was impacting on costs.

The Problem

Finances are an ever-challenging issue for most state-run schools. They are under considerable pressure to constantly improve budget management. In a time of dwindling finances, the school needed to address budget challenges and was experiencing high energy costs.

The Solution

ClearVUE. PRO was able to highlight that during out-of-hours times, there was still an unnecessary use of energy. ClearVUE. PRO allowed the management to gain quick and simple insights into where the large loads were happening across the school. Very high out-of-hours base loads were costing them up to £25k p/a.
They were then able to swiftly address the issue by ensuring that during out-of-school hours; all unnecessary equipment was turned off, improving energy efficient behaviours across staff.

What They Said

“We gained visibility of a completely unnecessary energy spend and addressing this has saved vital funds from our budgets.”

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