Case Study

The Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan Motor Company is a family-owned English motor car manufacturer, mixing traditional craftsmanship and appropriate modern technology for each vehicle they make. They have been assembling “quintessentially British” vehicles for more than 110 years.

The Problem

The Motor Morgan Company produces their vehicles at a site built in 1914, thus energy inefficiencies are expected. This is especially true in the painting process, which relies on power-intensive paint powder-coating ovens and other machinery.

The Solution

Immediately when starting to use the ClearVUE. PRO system, the Morgan Motor Company identified machinery that had been powered on needlessly early in their daily production processes for years. By making simple adjustments – changing when they switched machinery on or off – the company was able to cut down on energy consumption and save significant sums.

What They Said

“We’ve had energy reports in the past, and they looked at the whole company. ClearVUE. PRO allows us to pinpoint down to a shop. If we choose to, we can pinpoint it down to a machine, so it really allows us to look very specifically (at our processes). It gives us actual figures – we don’t have to work those out. Graphs and pound-note figures make the difference that allows people to actually take action.”