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Plastic Engineering Solutions

This major UK manufacturer of plastics needed to gain a holistic, simple overview of all their machine equipment to address the issue of machine failure occurring. The business is under constant pressure to maintain 24/7 running capacity to reach important production targets. Much of the material produced by this Midlands company plays a significant part in the battle against COVID-19 and reliable productivity is vital for hospitals throughout the UK.

The Scenario

Plastic Engineering Solutions did not have the time or resources to be able to monitor individual or multiple machines across the site to identify energy inefficiencies or machine failures. When machines did fail, the response was typically too slow and resulted in losing important production time.

“Out-of-action machinery costs us heavily so gaining awareness of this issue and being able to either prevent it, or react immediately was hugely beneficial to us.”

Plastic Engineering Solutions

The Solution

ClearVUE.Zero was able to illustrate how targets could be met with far greater efficiency. Through its powerful analysis, they were instantly able to identify when the machines went out of productivity. Alarm alerts were able to tell them when machines were down through a drop-off in energy consumption, allowing them to respond instantly.

You can’t manage
what you can’t measure.

30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
Both are possible simultaneously with ClearVUE.Business.

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