Case Study

Merton Abbey Primary School

This sizable Primary school in Wimbledon, London, performs well as an educational institution demonstrated by its Ofsted grade, but its staff members are no experts in energy. Their focus is their children.

The Problem

With ever-tightening budgets, schools are under considerable pressure to balance the books. This school was experiencing growing energy bills and was unsure of what was causing the issue.

The Solution

Through using ClearVUE. Lite we gained a clear overview of energy usage and full cost breakdowns. ClearVUE. Lite provided a breakdown of the past 12 months of usage and instantly highlighted trends and consistent inefficiencies. As a result of this analysis an immediate return on investment was identified after a matter of weeks. kVA capacity could be strategically reduced by more than half, delivering our client an annual saving of £1,085.87.

What They Said

“We are always looking at new ways to make efficiency savings. Before using ClearVUE. Lite we found it difficult to gain an understanding of what charges were on the half-hourly electricity meters, how much we were paying and what we could do to make reductions.

As a result of the analysis data we are already seeing a return on investment.”

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