Case Study

Ice Arena Wales

Ice Arena Wales is an ice hockey rink in the Cardiff International Sports Village in Cardiff, Wales.
It is home to the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team of the professional British Elite Ice Hockey League in addition to being a public ice skating, figure skating, and multipurpose centre.

The problem

Multipurpose ice arenas such as Ice Arena Wales require heavy use of ice plants, cooling systems, air conditioning system, chillers, and air handling systems – all of which “eat a lot of electricity.” – to keep their rinks in good and safe skating conditions. Ice Arena Wales were seeking to reduce just 10 per cent of their energy consumption to save the arena money.

The Solution

By employing ClearVUE. PRO in the arena, facility managers were quick to identify where energy was wasted throughout the building. The system helped Ice Arena Wales save significant amounts of money by simply being more efficient and smarter with how energy was distributed throughout the arena during particular events.

What They Said

“We weren’t being efficient before (using ClearVUE. PRO). Without something like ClearVUE to monitor our energy use, it’s all just guesswork. And that’s the big benefit: having the data right in front of you and you can try something like ‘if we turn the plant off’ or we ‘isolate this room’ (to save money). You can spend a lot of time on the system and probably make your operations even more efficient. The savings we have made with the system have made it worth (getting ClearVUE. PRO).”

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