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Cambridge Fluid Systems

This global fabricator of gas and liquid control systems was inevitably a high energy user but draining consumption and costing the bottom line.

The Scenario

With offices across the globe in Europe, Africa and Asia, the business was unable to establish how much energy was being used in different territories and at different times. Due to the scale of the business’ operations, the disparity of information and the time it took to collate the information from all sites, energy management was proving an impossible task.

“The ClearVUE system helped us to realise how helpful it is to be able to monitor energy usage. We can now employ best practices across our global operations, cutting consumption and costs and vitally CO2 too.”

Cambridge Fluid Systems

The Solution

Cambridge Fluid Systems used the ClearVUE system to help identify peaks of energy usage. Zero illustrated to them that there was a baseload at times there shouldn’t have been. As a result, they were able to investigate, shut down and shift their patterns of inefficient energy use, also leading to improvements in energy behaviours.

You can’t manage
what you can’t measure.

30% reduction in energy bills while eliminating your business' climate impact?
Both are possible simultaneously with ClearVUE.Business.

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